Okay. So I'm sure a lot of people know this but my friend Cody is going to arrive home to his family in 


Just like that. 
He will have been gone for exactly 749 days.
That is a lot of days.
Everyone keeps saying..
"Already? That went so fast!"
Okay it kind of went really fast I guess. Kind of slow sometimes though? 
Nope. I think it feels exactly like two years.

Cody and I wrote lots of letters for a long time. He's still my best friend I think.
But it has certainly been a while hasn't it?...
We have both changed a million percent, which is what was expected.
But I know I'm still me. And I'm pretty sure he is still him.
Also.. I live in Texas for a couple more months.. and he will live in Canada.
So I might not even see him until like April or May.
But thats besides the point. 

He is going to be reunited with his family, and that is what is most important.
I am so excited for them to get their brother/son/grandson/cousin/nephew back!
And the craziest thing is I could just like, text him if I wanted to.
Call him.
Skype. What?!
He will be so accessible that it kind of freaks me out.

Can I just say I have never been more proud of him? 
Dearest Cody.. happy last three days in Puerto Rico! 


i'm a sicky.

So you know that feeling when you have a headache and every noise or light or movement makes you want to die because you think your head is going to explode? Its the worst right? Well it's not. I have found something worse.
I have a body headache. Yep. Every muscle in my body is sore all the way from my eyebrows to my baby toe. Not just a sore-muscle ache, but like a.. I-feel-like-I'm-going-to-die ache.
Am I whining? Yep.
My entire body feels sensitive to sounds and light and movement. I swear whenever I hear a car drive by my knees hurt. Whenever the light turns on I think my back is going to break. No word of a lie. On top of that, my head hurts more than usual.
Throw in a sore throat and a fever just as a cherry on the cake.

I haven't had a fever since I was eleven I don't think. It's great though because at home, my mom would never let me bundle up in blankets when I had a fever in attempts to cool my body temperature down. Ha. I slept with seven blankets last night. I'm not even mad and she doesn't even know. Take over, fever because I'm FREEZING!

Whatever this strange illness is that I have, it is not welcome here.


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