christmas singles.

Something I have always enjoyed at Christmas, but never quite enough is when artists make Christmas singles. Albums are better, but both are appreciated. Even just a remake of an original Christmas song is fabulous. I have discovered some lovely music the past few days while searching for music fit for the season. Combined with the few songs I found last year, I am making myself quite the December Mix. If you have any more songs, please suggest them! 

Please don't mind my choice of music videos. 
I just used the link from the first one I ended up on. =)


this winter-ish day.

All about me on this winter-ish day.

What do I miss?
I miss Spring. Not the season though.
If you read that post, you'll know why.
Spring? A parrot is perfect.

What makes me frown?
Oh. Just the smell of Subway.
It's so gross.
Why is it like that? 

What is the best?
New blogs.
I love when people I know get blogs.
It is a Christmas morning sort of feeling. Almost.

What did I get?
Just the WriTeen 2010. 
With a short story I wrote in Grade 12 printed inside.
It's black and shiny and small and I like it.

What am I looking forward to?
A visit with an old friend.
Catching up.
It's been too long.

What makes me smile?
The new curtains in my room.
Best naps ever.
They are dark. My room is night, all day long.

What came in the mail?
A whole bunch of money.
It's about time I got my tuition refunded, I think!
Christmas shopping anyone?

What do I love?
I love finding good new music. 
Today I found. Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson.
I love Ingrid.


it's not up to me.

if it were up to me

: no one would have to wake up before the sun does :
: it wouldn't be too cold outside to wear all of my tights :
: I would be able to stay home all day and bake Christmas everything :
: I would have a Christmas sweater for every day of December :
: my applications would fill themselves out :
: December would be a holiday... the whole month :
: mice wouldn't exist :
: that shoe store at the mall would call me and tell me that my new boots were in :
: my new boots would have come last week like they were supposed to :
: hot chocolate would be sold on every street corner :
: fall would have lasted just a little bit longer :
: my tuition refund would come back to me and not be lost in the mail :
: mitts would come with a string to put through the sleeves of your coat :
: getting the mail would actually result in having mail addressed to me :
: I would have landed on Boardwalk before Dallin and owned that game like he did :
: snow would be fun to play with and wouldn't freeze my hands off... :


nothing worse.

There are a few things that drive me crazy.
Today, that thing that is driving me crazy most:
 is when someone is dishonest with me.
And I can see through the lie.
See right through.
Like the Siesta Keys, in Florida? 
My sister tells me you can see your toes through the ocean water 
because it's that clear.
photo via google images.

So, I call them on it, yet they still continue to defend themselves.
There is nothing worse.
Maybe it's because I have trust issues.
But I wouldn't have trust issues if people would just quit lying to me..
Problem solved, yes?
I think so.
Don't lie please.. 
It hurts.

ask for source.



[One second ago] I laughed. Right out loud all alone here in my room.
[One minute ago] Dallin and I decided to face the world and take part in an event we both aren't sure about taking part in.
[One hour ago] I finally started some laundry. What an accomplishment. =)
[One day ago] I spent time with some friends from high school, and realized that I am going to miss them when we no longer can just play monopoly in my basement because we all live so far away from each other, when we all have our own new lives.
[One week ago] I woke up to a shining clean house. It took a long time, but it was so worth it.
[One month ago] I started dwelling in the past a little bit too much, and it caused a few people some pain, including myself.
[One year ago] that's right, one year ago today, I decided to take a chance, because what if it was that moment? You know what? It was. The moment made history, but that's just it. 
It's all history.
Everyone always says whats in the past is in the past, and I firmly believe in that.
ask for source.

So why am I still writing about it?


I'll take the pleasant surprises, thanks.

Sometimes life throws you unexpected twists and turns. Life has thrown me many of them these days.

Some are pleasant.
 Of course that just happened.
Life has a way of letting perfect things happen. When an opportunity presents itself, you are just supposed to take it for all it's worth, right?

Some are not so pleasant.
I never would have imagined myself to be the one left in the dark in such an event.
That's fine.

Thank you, Life, for the unexpected; however, I prefer the pleasant surprises as opposed to the unpleasant surprises(or should I say lack of...).


the twenty second and twenty third.

Day 14-Some pictures you love
with the addition of my own personal captions.

 A best friend can make the November air seem not quite so cold.. =)
(dedicated to Michelle for November 22.. in genie pants)

Christmas tights? Yes please.

Wishy washy wishes are a thing of the past, you could say.

Pale skin can be beautiful too.

Day 15-Pictures of your Dream house

Heck if I know what my dream house is. I'm eighteen. 

You know. The typical, dream mansion?

Maybe a little bit closer to the ocean..

Perhaps up on a mountain.. making everybody look like ants.. from way up there.. =)

Maybe my child hood dream of owning a doll house could come true?

How about a cute little house with the fairies?

or perhaps a cute cottage in the woods.

Ya. I still have no idea.


we're gonna be fine.

Okay, so I've fallen in love...

With this song.
Like all those before us,
We're all on our own. 
City lights,
Stretching from sea to sea,
You and I,
It was meant to be,
Meant to be
With our hearts in our hands,
Like loaded guns,
We're taking a chance,
We're the lucky ones,
This moment is yours,
This moment is mine,
And we're gonna be fine.

ask for source.

11, 12, 13

I've kind of fallen behind on this challenge. I really wish that meant my social life was so fabulous that I've been too busy to post.
Unfortunately, that isn't the case.
Oh well.

Day 11-Favorite tv shows

Gossip Girl
because who else dresses as wonderfully as Blair Waldorf?
and because he's Chuck Bass..

Grey's Anatomy
because every episode makes me cry.
and because Derek Shepherd is a perfect character..

Gilmore Girls
because it's so hilarious even though you don't expect it to be.
and because Paul Anka (the dog)..

because you can see an episode a million times and it's just as funny
and because Phoebe Buffet.

Pretty Little Liars
because everyone has their secrets
and because it reminds me of the summer

because sometimes I see snapshots of Hollywood and it reminds me of how hot California is
and because it keeps me up to date with clothing trend changes.

The OC
because it was the first TV series I ever really got into
and because Seth Cohen and his curly hair.

... you get the picture. 
TV shows have kind of been an escape for me over the past few years of my life. Judge me all you want. My pathetic and embarrassing addiction is under control.

Day 12-What you believe

I believe in miracles.
I believe that things will work out the way they are supposed to in the end.
I believe that working hard has good results.
I believe that every person needs occasional alone time.
I believe in love.
I believe that unconditional love is the key to successful friendships and relationships.
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in God. 
To find out more about my religious beliefs, click here, or of course, just ask me. =)

Day 13-Goals

Although my short term goals have all changed drastically in the past few months as life has taken some unexpected twists and turns, my long term goals have never changed.
Get married in the temple.
Raise a beautiful family.
Be soooo happy.

As for the rest.. we'll have to see. 


Day 10-Something you're afraid of

Oh this should be interesting. I am going to write a couple stories about my worst fear.

ask for source.

Story #1.
I was in Chem 20 (although Chemistry is certainly a fear of mine, this isn't the fear I am referring to) in Mr. Wolsey's classroom, except our teacher was Mrs. Meeks. I sat in the front right corner of the classroom, one desk in front of Ryan. Class was just passing by like it usually did, me hating on chemistry and wishing I could be in a different class. Mrs. Meeks was at the front of the class writing notes on the whiteboard. It was a relatively dull class from my perspective. I hate chemistry. Suddenly, Mrs. Meeks lets out a little gasp and puts her hand on her chest. She is looking in the front, right corner of the classroom towards the book shelves. "There's a mouse," she simply stated.
I'm not sure how the next three milliseconds went, but I know by the fourth millisecond I was standing right on top of Ryan's binder. To this day, I don't remember how I got there. I'm convinced I flew, or some saving angel picked me up and carried me there. The entire class froze and slowly all eyes were on me. I hadn't breathed yet, my eyes were watering, and I had the shakes. I'm grateful that no one laughed, because if you ask me this is not a laughing matter.
"Do you need to take a walk.." asked Mrs. Meeks. I jumped off of the desk and walked into the hallway until I got control of my breath.
And no. I didn't even see the mouse, but I could sense it lurking on the other side of the bookshelf only feet away from me with its beady little eyes, and that was enough.

 Story #2
Our house has never had a problem with mice. In my whole life, we have ever only had a mouse twice, maybe three times. One in six years? I like those odds. Anyway, the most recent time we had a mouse residing with us was about two years ago. It was up in our kitchen, so my dad set a trap in the corner. I demanded he set one in my bedroom just to be sure, so he did that as well. What a good dad. Anyway, that night, I had trouble sleeping. I dozed in and out and all I could think about was the sound of the mouse trap going off behind my nightstand. Okay, let me rewind. Just because we don't have mice inside of our house often, doesn't mean they don't enjoy nesting just outside of our house. My bedroom has an two outside walls. The one on the north side of my bedroom is by our back yard. The walls of my bedroom have been a home to birds, bees, and mice. My dad doesn't believe me, but I know they are there because I can hear them scratching the wall. The same wall that is inches from my head. So creepy. Sometimes I even hit the wall to try and scare them away. I'm pathetic, I know. Anyway, this particular night I could hear something on the outside of my house near the floor. Of course, I lose all logic when there is a mouse living among my family. It was two, maybe three in the morning and I was near tears because I had convinced myself that there was a mouse inside my bedroom, rather then outside. Suddenly, I hear the trap go off. I was hyperventilating. I didn't want to move because I didn't want to accidentally run my hand over such a demon little creature. What if the mouse just touched the trap and the rodent was still running around my room? I thought about getting up to go sleep in a different room, perhaps in a different house, but the thought of accidentally stepping on the mouse was too much for me to handle. I couldn't turn on the light because if I actually saw the mouse I'm pretty sure my heart would have stopped entirely. My mind raced. I grabbed my cell phone and started calling my house. Of course, if anyone has tried to call my house, you know that no one EVER answers the phone, especially during the night. I called my dad's cell phone and finally he answered. I'm pretty sure he thought I was getting raped or something because of the pure terror in my voice. He came downstairs and checked the trap in my room. It hadn't even gone off. WHAT THE HECK. I heard it loud and clear. He went upstairs and checked the mouse trap in the kitchen. Sure enough, our creepy little fiend was smooshed like he should be. I asked my dad how loud a mouse trap was when it went off, and he said it was certainly not loud enough for me to hear from downstairs in my bedroom at the opposite end of the house. I guess I have super-sensitive-mouse detecting ears. I still shudder when I think of that night.

So there you have it. Something I am afraid of: MICE. I know its ridiculous and they are harmless and all that crap, and to be honest, I think they are kind of cute. But when there is a mouse near by, I lose all of my logic.
photo found via Google Images

HA. I hope they all die.


simple as it should be.

Day 9- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

1. My First Kiss - 3OH!3
2. Someone Else's Life - Joshua Radin
3. 1 2 3 4 - Plain White T's
4. Just Want You to Know - Backstreet Boys
5. Last Christmas - Glee Cast
6. Boy Inside the Man - Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
7. Love Like Crazy - Lee Brice
8. Simple as it Should be - Tristan Prettyman
9. Fell Right Into You - Jessie Farrell
10. Nobody Knows Me At All - The Weepies

Hmm. Well, a lot of people say that you can tell a lot about a person by the music on their iPod. For me, this statement is so incredibly true, but I hope you won't read too much into why I said this. Have you ever played the game in the car where you just shuffle through songs and say the first person/event that a song reminds you of? I can honestly say that most of these things immediately took me back to a certain day or time period in my life.

Sydnee - Remember listening to the Weepies in the summer of 09?
Michelle - Please. Just remember 1 2 3 4? Hahahahaha
Karlee and Michelle. That song, Fell Right Into You. Does it perhaps take you back to a little excursion we took into Lethbridge, this exact time last year? Oh dear..

Anyway. I think this post is a perfect opportunity to write about something I've been meaning to since the day I started this blog.

Simple as it Should Be - Tristan Prettyman

I don't think I ever mentioned that this is the song that actually inspired the title for my blog. I kinda have a habit in life of getting worked up about insignificant things. I forget what is most important in life, and often find myself dwelling too much in the "now". I know that its important to be able to find a happy medium between learning from the past, loving the moment, but living for the future, and it's also very difficult. I started this blog last May. That point in my life, everything was sort of changing. I had just broken up with a boyfriend and was sort of getting back together with a previous one, I was moving out of my house for my summer job, graduation was coming, dance was ending, and most of all... my English diploma was creeping up on me much too fast and I still hadn't figure out how to nail my C/A essays...(haha). Basically, I was stressed. There was a lot going on, or so it seemed at the time..
I often go through this cycle in life. Perhaps other people do as well. Everything seems to be going well. Life is relatively easy and fun and problems seem to be solving themselves. Of course, life isn't easy so someone will drop a bomb on you, figuratively speaking of course.. (actually, I suppose literally for some people so I should be grateful that the bombs in my life are only figurative bombs..) Anyway, suddenly this, bomb, that happens takes over your life. You stress about it, and you think about it, and you get headaches because of it. Then something even worse comes along. Basically, everything is falling apart, and life is hard. It seems like nothing is ever going to start getting better, but then it does... it gets way better. Suddenly you are realizing that life really isn't that terrible... Then it starts over.
For me, right before things start getting better I always realize that I am forgetting something huge. Everything is going to work out as long as I am being the person I want to be and living the way I know I am supposed to, and the way I want to. Everything in life doesn't need to be so complicated, but I certainly seem to make things that way, or assume things are that way even if they aren't. Sure, things are going to go wrong.. but I live in a great town in a great country. I am so lucky to be able to have the things I do. I often forget truly what matters most, and that is being a great person, and being the person I know I can be. The things that tear away at my mind and the problems that seem to be so incredibly life-altering at this point in my life, probably aren't actually going to make that big of a difference in the long run. A break-up doesn't mean I'm going to end up alone for the rest of my life, and just because someone thinks poorly of me because of a miscommunication doesn't mean that life is over and my reputation is permanently damaged. Honestly, some day I will be married and have a family of my own and I won't even remember the little things that were said about me, or just how hard a break up was. Life is going to turn out right. I am Simply Jane, and whenever I remember that life can be simple, I always feel so much better.

That probably made no sense, so excuse my ridiculous inability to create a sense of togetherness in this post. I guess it doesn't matter, because I feel better now that I have given Tristan Prettyman her proper credit. Thank you Tristan Prettyman for reminding me to keep life Simple as it Should be, and for helping me discover the perfect title for my blog.

click HERE to listen.



Day 8-A place you've traveled to
A place? A? I love to travel. 
I've been to 9/10 Provinces. I've been to Eastern USA.. so like. Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, and some other states over there that I can't remember. I've been to Florida and California both a few times. I've been to Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. I guess I've landed in a few other states before, but I won't really count that. I've travelled to the Bahamas, and to Mexico, and I've been to Germany and Austria. I absolutely love to travel! If I could, I would spend all of my money and the rest of my life travelling. =)

So I have this friend. I'm sure you have all heard of her, because I mention her often. Michelle. =)
She and I have a lot of things in common. Sometimes it scares me how much we are alike. We are both a little bit conniving and like things to go our way. Luckily. "our" way, is the same way. 

Meet: Simply Little Miss Janelle Micheen.

We both love all things Disney.

We even both know the secret...

We both love to dance. 
photo by Trisha.

We took this picture in grade 9.
And totally by accident, this one two years later.
Weird right?

We document everything.

Like riding the Tower of Terror

and getting smooshed by watertfalls

and wearing 3D glasses

and jumping to our deaths...
or bridge jumping

and riding away on Rosie
Photo by Trisha

and getting attacked by Pacman Ghosts.
Photo by Trisha

Okay enough of that. Hmm. 

We both love Rafe..
Photo unavailable... so here is another one I like instead. =)

We both love/hate cats..
To see just how much.. click here for  more cat photos.

We cheered together.

We travel together.
to Europe & Florida.

We even both have bad posture.

We like to exercise together too.
Just kidding. Just dress up for dances.

She even found a way to be sure that we graduated together. =)
Photos by Trisha

Michelle is witty. She is so smart and an excellent writer. I miss her terribly and just can't wait to see her. =)

what a weird day.

Day 7-Favorite movies
Pearl Harbour
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
The Notebook
Sweet Home Alabama
Despicable Me
Little Women
Life is Beautiful
Gone with the Wind

I love all sorts of movies, except movies I can't follow. That drives me nuts. My mind isn't really focused on movies right now, so I don't really feel like getting into that.
I just wrote the worlds longest blog post, then deleted it all. This is all I have for today.

They say it’s easy to forget your troubles when the weather’s warm. But all it takes it’s one fall breeze to blow reality right back in your face.

ask for source.

Oh. and PS. I had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you.

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