Jordi says our apartment smells like estrogen.

First of all.. an apology for all of these:
Have I mentioned I'm technically challenged? 

I write my NDHBE in five days.
National Dental Hygiene Board Examination.
That is pretty much the biggest test I have ever written, or will ever write.
Yes, this trumps my English 30-1 diploma... by a lot.
Pretty much I'm a tiny bit stressed about it.
So are my roomies. We all handle stress so differently. It's kind of humorous.
 Let's just say our emotions are all running pretty high these days. It will be so nice to get this test over with so we can all be functional human beings again. 

Hmmm while I'm thinking about it... just a brief apology to anyone who has had to deal with me and my unpredictable emotions over the past couple weeks. I promise I'm not always like this.

My sleeping habits are terrible. Terrible.
And they have been for about two weeks now.
I'm so surprised I'm not deathly ill by now. 

But life is so good. The weather has been warming up a tiny bit. Texas is lovely. I have the sweetest roommates. And my best friend is back from the dead. Oh and by dead I just mean Puerto Rico.
And it's like he never even left. Except now he speaks Spanish. It's pretty cool.
I haven't seen him in real life yet because I live in Texas and he lives at home. But that's fine, for now.
Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of him?
I am. 
He's changed like a million percent, but at the same time.. not at all. 
I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by getting emotional so I'll stop now. =)

I also really need a hair cut. I don't think I have ever neglected my hair so much in my whole life. 
Amber if you ever read this.. please don't judge my split ends. I'll take care of it someday.. promise.

Life is not perfect. 
I don't think life ever really is entirely perfect. 
But it certainly is wonderful, and I'm not sure I have ever been happier. 
And I have a feeling it's just going to get better.


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