gone fishin.

This new blogger look has thrown me for a loop and every time I come to post I see the new layout and I just close the window because it looks complicated.
  I think I might be am slightly computer illiterate.. ?
So much change has been going on lately such that I feel as if I need a few more days to adjust to all this newness in life...
 ... so if you could excuse my absence while I gather myself I would greatly appreciate it.
Have a lovely day.


birthday void.

I'm afraid that I can't let the day pass away without writing a little something about the meaning of today.
Today is April 16th. 
To some that might mean one thing or another, but to me, this means that my best friend is now 21. 
It means he could gamble in Las Vegas if he wanted to
It means he is no longer the same age as me
It means that he is the age he will be when he comes home
It means he has had two birthdays in Puerto Rico
All wonderful things.
It means this is the last time Cody has a birthday that he doesn't receive birthday kisses. 
I'm sure he is fine today with his lack of birthday kisses.
In fact, I'm sure it didn't even cross his mind.
Thats fine. 
It sure as heck crossed mine.
and you know what? Next year, I'm pretty sure it will cross his mind too, 
and thats good enough for me.



Welp. I knew this was coming for a while now.
My blog is a place where I blog my little heart out.
And today this is whats in my heart.
I miss Cody.
Say whaaa?
I dont know what it is this week, but its been a long time since I've missed him like this.
Perhaps due to the fact that I got a little lost in life. Perhaps because he is so focused, which is just so awesome. Perhaps because we communicate less and less. Perhaps because thats just what happens when two people go this long without seeing each other.
Whatever it is, it's all catching up to me.
My heart hurts today. 
I found myself snuggled in bed reading a letter I received from him just a few weeks after he had been away.
Confession. I teared up. haha
I don't tell him I miss him anymore, and he doesn't tell me either. We both figured it was better that way, and I think it is. I can tell him after he gets home. It makes it much easier.
Except this week. He told me he missed me this week. Thats probably whats making me this way.
Hearing that just makes everything seem so real.

Jus a few little stories that I have been reminded of this week.
Story number one. April fooools. Two years ago, Cody and I had been dating for about two and a half months by April Fools. We were "facebook official", you know, such a big deal. Hahah.
I vividly remember sitting in English class and receiving a text from a friend asking when Cody and I broke up. I was so confused. I got onto facebook.. naturally.. only to discover that he dumped me! On facebook. Little turd. 
Good thing it was just a joke. He thought he was so funny. 
I smiled about that all April Fools this year. =)

Story number two.
Once upon a time I was living and working in Waterton and Cody was at home in Magrath for the weekend. It was Sunday night and I was super bored and just curled up in front of the TV to watch a movie. We were texting and I was sad that we couldn't hang out that night because I had worked late and you know, it just didn't work out. All night I had been joking about him making a teleporting device so he could magically be in Waterton so I could see him. About ten minutes into my movie, Cody calls me and says, "Guess what! I finished my teleporting device. Look out your window!" noowww Cody thinks hes a little trickster so I didn't get too excited. Well, I tried not to. I laughed at him and told him not to trick me because it was mean to get me excited for nothing. All he said was.. "No really. Look outside." I ran out the door to the balcony of the apartment to find Cody standing with the phone up to his ear with a big smile on his face. Best surprise ever. 

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my best friend. I miss him today, and I am so excited for him to come home, even though its not for 10 more months. 

Okay. Now that I've shared a little piece of my soul, I will stop again because I don't like doing this very often. 

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