360 degrees in 360 days.

Today is significant. It is day 360. Like a 360 turn. Every day is significant, yes, but I am a different person than I was 361 days ago. Completely.  In the past 360 days I have learned...

{that} everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a past. 
{that} I should have gone ice skating while I had the chance.
{that} trips to Mexico should be enjoyed regardless of circumstances at home.
{that} assumptions only cause problems.
{that} I am capable of being heartbroken. 
{that} I am capable of breaking someone's heart.
{that} sometimes it is okay to live in lyrics.
{that} at the end of the day, I need to remember that I still have tomorrow morning.
{that} I can create fantastic birthday presents without spending money.
{that} sometimes I just can't make plans.
{that} nothing beats a summer rain storm
{that} trusting my instincts is important.
{that} it is okay to let the cute boy sitting next to me hold my hand.
{that} I don't have blonde hair, and that is okay.
{that} popsicles are the key to my heart, really.
{that} being spontaneous leads to the best memories.
{that} I am capable of smiling through the worst of times
{that} there is always an answer in the scriptures.
{that} sometimes people like to meddle.
{that} I have a whole bunch of fabulous friends.
{that} I truly do have one best friend.
{that} I am physically incapable of wrestling.
{that} sometimes, a hug is the answer.
{that} maybe usually means no.
{that} town square is the perfect place for a date.
{that} if I ever REALLY need something, I do have someone who is there.
{that} crying is okay. It is even good.
{that} 360 days goes by incredibly fast.
{that} some days are hard, and some days hurt, and some days I feel like giving up.
{that} this life is a beautiful one.



I am sure I will be posting much about Waterton in the near future, but this post isn't about Waterton even though these pictures are taken in Waterton. No, I didn't take them because I think I am a photographer because clearly (cringe) I am not, nor am I trying to be. They are not scenic pictures or fun pictures.

This first one is some rocks. I took the picture from across the street. You probably wouldn't be able to find them even if you tried. They look like all of the other rocks in Waterton, but they aren't.
This is where I learned to climb. This is where I learned the brilliance of spontaneity.  This is where I learned to trust.

 This second is just the water. It looks different than last time, of course. It's raining now, and its May. But for the record, its still the same.
This is where I learned to jump and fly and hold on tight. 

 Picture number three is a close up of picture number one, but I am capturing a completely different setting. Notice the clearing just above the center of the rocks between the two trees. This is the place I remember.
This is where I should have learned that it is okay. This is where I should have learned to use my instincts. Instead, this is where I learned that sometimes if you hold back, you regret it later. This is where I learned that time is of the essence. Enough negativity now. This is where I began to discover Jane.


May Long.

As I lay in my room Saturday night with a few of my room mates, we reminisced about this exact weekend last year. We laughed and realized how lame we were for having ZERO plans for this weekend! Last year was the beginning of The Adventures. (more adventure posts to come I am SURE!) Well that changed in a hurry... May Long was epic.

Reasons why this weekend was so memorable:

--> diet coke still cures me from lack of sleep

--> Sydnee saw a cougar. With four legs, two eyes, and a bushy tail.

--> I don't know how to play Rook, unfortunately.

--> There is still hot chocolate under the pop machine.

--> I have a new little family of 5 fabulous girls named Bailey, Shikari, Kate, Sydnee, and Haley and I am SO excited for this summer.

--> I opened a time capsule from 2008 and found that a prediction I forgot I made indeed came true

--> Kate climbed that rock.

--> Rodeo.

--> 6 on 6? Thanks Bailey.

-->  "Told you from the start.. baby from the start. I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart." insert hug from Bailey here :)

--> Here is my comeback. "You were hanging in the corner with your five best friends. You heard that I was trouble but you couldn't resist." insert high five from Caleb here :)

--> "Don't let them in!"

--> Apparently some people sleep in their shoes

--> the Aim High bracelet that was so.. well aimed?

There are so many more! This weekend was epic, like I said, but maybe not for these reasons. Maybe for reasons no one will ever understand. I honestly was one of the most rewarding, but one of the hardest weekends I've ever had.. but I'm going to sleep now because it has been time for far too long. Thank you May Long for being so successful.


not for you, but for me.

My favorite thing about poetry is that it can be interpretted however you want it to be. It can relate to one aspect of your life, or to every aspect. It can be about one thing in particular, or a variety of things. I don't interpret for you. I interpret for me.

Never expect.
By expecting things to go a certain way, we often become disappointed because things don't always work out as planned. I find that by not expecting certain people to act certain a certain way, I am never disappointed. I don't handle disappointment well, and coming to the conclusion that I need to not expect so much has really solved a lot of problems in life. Being disappointed in someone is the worst feeling. People make mistakes, and that is just fine. Expectations can often cause problems for people. If expectations set are too high, it sometimes leads to failure. How disappointing is that? Sure, expect much from yourself; however, I think expecting too much from a person isn't a great way to get by in life; furthermore, having too much expected from you can certainly takes its toll. Kinda all depends on how you interpret it right? Maybe not for you, but for me.

Never assume.
Well I think my point has been proven on this one. Assuming too much can lead to hurting or offending people. Of course, this applies to certain situations. Everything I am writing about applies to certain situations, and it always has—my situation. I am not writing words for other people. I am not teaching theories for the world to live by. Interpret everything I say however you want, for your life. Thats great, but assuming I have such a one track mind is not the answer. Maybe I am writing in behalf of a friend, a family member, or a five minute discussion I had in one of my classes that day. Maybe I am responding to a novel. Maybe I am just rambling on about something lurking deep inside of me. I have found that assumptions can cause for misunderstandings, heartache, and often can end up damaging an entire relationship. Sure, sometimes assumptions are accurate, but maybe it is a good idea to look a little deeper into the situation to get a full understanding? I know the last time I assumed something major, I ended up nearly losing my best friend. I have spent months trying prove to this person that I do still trust their word. Assuming things are the way they appear, I believe, can closely be related to judging a person. God wouldn't want that, would He? I'm sure we all know what assuming does to you and me. Jumping to conclusions is never the way to be.. maybe not for you, but for me.

Never ask. 
Yeah. Questions are great. Fabulous even. I ask them a lot... but this isn't about those kinds of questions. This isn't about questions I have in life. This is about one situation in particular, and in this situation, I need to never ask. Some things are to be kept to yourself. Sometimes people experience things in life that they just don't want to share with the world. Sometimes someone is having a bad day. Sometimes the words, "What happened?" can be the last thing this person wants to hear. Sometimes people will talk if they need to. Sometimes letting someone come to me is the way. Maybe not for you, but for me.

Never demand.
I think hearing that you are "too demanding" is one of the worst things. What does that mean? The only way to be demanding is to demand.. If there is any way to get past that please let me know prontooo. I would never demand things from someone if I know they are incapable of giving such things. Let them give if they want to give, be what they want to be, and act how they want to act. That makes sense. Maybe not for you, but for me.

Just let it be.
Thank you Beatles for these fabulous lyrics. Let it be. When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of widsom, let it be.. and in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me.. speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Now. How true is that. Honestly, sometimes letting go is really the only thing you can do. Holding grudges never solves anything. Leaving things to rest is sometimes the only answer. Sure, just letting it be isn't a general rule for life, but who said it was? I just know that right now, I need to just let it be because:

If it's meant to be.. it will happen the way you want things to be.
I don't exactly see what's wrong with this. Things work out how they are supposed to. Whatever it is you want in life..if it's meant to be, it will happen. This is my favorite thought, ever. If it's not meant to be, it wont work out, if it is, then it will. Could life be any better?

Simply stated. All of these brilliant ideas concocted by some anonymous person certainly put together many things I have been trying to learn and understand and live by through the past year. Simply Stated may not apply to everything, or everyone.. or even anyone, but that doesnt matter. It applies to me.

*Thank you anonymous user who inspired my post. You should consider getting a blog. You are a fabulous writer. :)


Simply Stated.

I'm pretty sure it's my goal to remember that... every second of every day, forever. Thank you anonymous person who simply stated everything I've tried to learn and remember and embrace for the past year. 



This past weekend things started ending. I guess perhaps things began ending before this past weekend, but this weekend was big. It was first thing of many things that are going to end very soon... Yes.. I realize that as some things end...others begin of course and thats just great, but In the next few months I will be saying goodbye to some very special things in life, along with some very special people. I would rather not spend the next three months of my life worrying about how fast time is going, but the truth is.. time is flying and it scares me. Suddenly it is May 17, 2010. I'm pretty sure it seems like just yesterday that we were having carpet time in Mrs. Hall's class, Mr. Hague was telling the story about his pet crow, and Mr. Beazer was handing out his novel of class rules that scared half the kids out of the pure math classes. Does the phrase, "Sadies, then Alumni Games, then Christmas, then review!" sound familiar? :) Suddenly it is May 17, 2010 and we are days away from graduation, weeks away from our last summer together, and months away from all taking separate roads that start the journey to the rest of our lives. I know this sounds cliche before grad and all, but seriously? Where has the time gone!

The truth is: Every second counts. Before we know it we are going to be making new friends and starting new things and visiting new places. The goodbyes will be over, and the summer will be over. That will be just fine because life is still happening and I am so excited for it, but for now? I will love every second of everything. :)


My Fabulous Friends.

Excuse my lack of .. blogging lately. Yes, I have posted, but there hasn't been much to read. That is possibly because I am so insanely busy! May is the craziest month ever. Anyway. I would like to dedicate a post to some wonderful friends of mine, but I've decided to not use names. Sorry if I can't post about everyone. I do have tons of fabulous friends but there are a select few that I have appreciated deeply this week. :)

**"Want to come color with me?" Ohh you are the best. Thanks for being so fabulous, all the time. I love that we couldn't be more different, but we are completely content doing nothing. I love how honest you are, and that you are seriously so.. great. You really are. You are an amazing influence on me and I'm sorry I'm not as great of influence on you. :D haha

**My favorite shoulder to cry on. Thank you for letting me be upset when I need to. Thanks for suggesting ice cream all the time and wasting so much gas driving around with me. I just love you... and hmmm. Rex, Gah, Rafe, Snip. Thank you for reading my mind all the time. AND. Thank you for being sooooo sure that we could make it happen. Your positive attitude really helps when I am planning things... I love you for always being there when I need it.

**Where to start. Thanks for being such an example to me. I know you think that I make you better, but I am convinced it is the other way around. Real friends don't come by too often do they? Thank you for being such a real friend to me. I so much appreciate the fact that I seriously trust you with everything. Thank you for being there when I need it the most. I love your mind. I also love that you have kept my life interesting as of late... haha. Thank you for teaching me to be tough, not to worry, and that everything will turn out. Thanks for your questions and stories. Thank you for just being you and nobody else. You are my best friend, ever. :)

**Wait what? My car is gone. I think this was the beginning of last summer for us.. the beginning of penny candy, diet coke, tanning, drawing pictures, and to do lists. I seriously appreciate your incredible listening abilities more than anything. I love love love that you tell me exactly what I want/need to hear, and are more than willing to tell me things that you know will make me smile without fail when I need to hear them the most. Thank you for reminding me that it is okay to cry, and also for reminding me that memories are the best, and sometimes need to be left to rest. Thank you for understanding that ... maybe were in the same boat. :)

Those are just four of my fabulous friends. I am so incredibly lucky to have a life full of such amazing people.



I'm only dreaming, right?

Tomorrow I will wake up. It will be like today didn't happen.

White Knight.

Every damsel in distress needs a white knight.


What I have to offer.

It may look as if I have nothing to offer, but if you look a little closer you'll see.

I am always willing to smile. I love listening to people rant about adventures. I love listening to stories. Especially the ones that are so exciting, they must be told standing up. I will cry if you need someone to cry with, or yell if someone hurts you. I may not be able to throw a punch, but I apparently have some incredible arguing skills and have learned from the best. I can always offer forgiveness. Even if I get hurt first. How can I not forgive when I am constantly asking for forgiveness? You don't even have to ask for that one. It's yours. I can offer a hug, a thought, or a word. I can laugh. With you, or at you. Whichever you prefer. I can offer my dreams, or I can listen to yours. I can offer a visit. I can offer a game. Or a movie. Or a drive. Or nothing. I am always content with laying in perfect silence just absorbing life. A phone call. A song.  A book. A picture. A memory... That's all. If that isn't enough, ask me what you need. If I can't help you, look somewhere else, because I am just Simply Jane, and this is what I have to offer.

Oh... and I found this.

It is so very true. Thats all.. :)



Today was fabulous. I don't even know why. It wasn't a day where everything went right. It certainly was a busy day. I actually didn't even have a break from before school until after dance. None of that matters because today was fabulous! Here are some reasons why...
: the sun came out
: we only had to practice Masquerade once :)
: our tour choir is sounding GREAT, and so is the rest of our choir and I am so excited for provincials this weekend
: Karlee was in her giggly mood
: my car didn't get soaped
: personal response essay in English.. went as good as can be expected
: it is almost Saturday
: all the facebook statuses are constantly cracking me up
: I finally figured out how to "hide" people from facebook newsfeed and I no longer have to deal with people changing their status professing eternal love to each other every five seconds
: my phone died, and I didn't even mind
: I wasted a quarter tank of gas driving around with Stephanie, Karlee, Michelle, and Ryan
: Michelle bought sour soothers
: Chelan/honesty box/brilliant.. no further comment on that one.. :)
: "scuse me.. :) " hahaha
: "something's going down..." - Karson Kartchener
: The Last Song is playing here, and every time I drive past the theater it puts a smile on my face even though I haven't even seen it yet
: apparently fireflies can be cocky? hahah I <3 you Ashley, Sarah, Janay, Kanzie, Michelle, Steph, Denae, Jenae, McKenna, and Aubrey
: my parents used the excuse "we don't have to have a reason to say no.." and I realized they can only say this to me for ten more days, and then I will be living in Waterton!

I love fabulous days.


Simply Jane

Well.. I have had a blog for the past nine months or so. It wasn't so much a blog that I posted for the world to see. It was more for me to just rant about the deepest frustrations and purest happinesses of life. Mostly, it was for personal reasons. After a lot of confusion and perhaps me being a little bit naive, I realized that it wasn't as private as I wanted it to be. I was feeling slightly vulnerable as I realized that not only had my life been exposed, but also I had possibly revealed information about others that shouldn't have been known. Oops... I'm sorry!
Picture from Papertissue
Anyway... I'm over it. I decided it was time to close that chapter of my life, and I also decided it was time to make a new blog! With much help from Michelle, I have created Simply Jane. Perhaps this will be looked upon as a simplified version of my previous blog, but I disagree. Yes, it will be simple as it should be, but I will share the happy moments of life, accompanied by some of the crazy thoughts that exist in the head of Jane; well, crazy to others I suppose, but to me they are Simply Jane!

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