music monday.

In a book, in a box, in the closet
In a line, in a song I once heard.
In a moment on a front porch late one June
In a breath inside a whisper beneath the moon

So Leighton Meester sings this song, and so does Rascal Flatts. I think they are both great except I prefer Leighton Meester because of my deep love of Blair Waldorf.. and its easier to sing along to another girl then a guy.. Anyway. 
It's called 
Words I Couldn't Say.

I watched Country Strong for the millionth time this weekend. Okay, I've actually only seen it like four times. 
I'm going to go buy a cowboy hat now and its going to look great.
That show has some awesome songs and some awesome quotes. I've posted about this before I think but oh well. This one stood out to me this weekend.
Fall in love with as many things as possible.

That phrase just makes me love life a little bit more. I think I'm going to do just that. =)


say what you will

I kinda feel like
there is just so much I could say to you
more and more as time passes..
but as time keeps passing more and more
something is stopping me
and I wish it wasn't.


puppy please?

Awwww crap. I'm blogging again. I am starting to see a pattern.

Today was a bad day. Starting with sleeping through my morning work out.. to Sarah pounding on my window....
and waking up from a terrible wonderful dream..
You know when you wake up late and you are all panicked? Its stressful. I feel like its a minor heart attack. 
So like... I was panicked from waking up late, scared from Sarah breaking in my window, confused about my dream and super grumpy because I wasn't ready for the dream to end annnnd tired because I only slept three hours.
Waking up from good dreams is the worst.
Then clinic sucked. No, I sucked.
I started having all these doubts. 
Do I really wanna spend my life cleaning teeth?
Do I really wanna wear scrubs to work every day?
Do I really wanna be in a dentist office every day?
What about travelling. I love to travel. 
How about I be a gypsy? This thought keeps returning.
I could totally just run away with someone and travel the world forever.
Never come back?
But then I'd miss my family I guess.
What about kids. I love kids.
I want to be a teacher.
Or maybe not.
I wanna write a book.
I wanna move away.
I don't wanna be here.
But I do love it here.
What about Carly Rae Jepsen? I wanna be famous like her and hang out with the Biebs.
I wanna have blonde hair for one day... but not ruin my own hair in the process.
I miss my long hair but I hated it.

Bad days make me question everything.
I know life is about well.
figuring out what you want.
Realizing if its right, and readjusting.. trying again.
And I have a feeling my life is going to require a lot more adjustments before I figure it out.
Well, today I don't know.
I'll finish school. Duh.
But seriously.
All I know is I'm lonely and I want a puppy to snuggle.

So cute.

And if I could have a repeat of my dream last night I wouldn't be mad.
In fact, that would be quite lovely.


love month.

Well its February. Meaning its Love month. Since I didn't exactly celebrate Valentine's day this year, I'm just going to make a list of some of the things I love about life right now. There are a lot. Starting with this Valentines day gift I bought myself... a new swimming suit. =)

I love the fact that I can suntan in February.
I love online shopping... your clothes come right to your door.
I love cruising through the Military Academy.
I love being able to sleep in as late as I want on Mondays.
I love school right now.
I freaking love scraping calculus off of teeth.
I love my polka dot swimming suit.
I love that my hair is easy to do now.
I love texts from my parents.
I love getting letters.
I love the Wesmer Drive In theater.
I love that the beach is so close.
I love that spring break is in just over three weeks.
I love that my bestie Kate is coming to visit me in May.
I love that I can say.. "I'm graduating next year"
I love that I'm not homesick.
I love that I am actually enjoying learning.
I love playing the piano for the Primary kids.
I love painting my nails.
I love my H6/7.
I love that we say things such as.. "if I was an instrument.. I'd be the *insert instrument name*"
I love sleeping with the fan up really high.
I love when the shower doesn't have bugs in it in the morning.
I love the feeling of coming home after working out and being able to fall back asleep.
I love when Karen yells.."PEACHY!" after Nora asks how we are doing.
I love saying y'all.
I love my family.
I love everyone who is like family to me.
I love choosing the yellow exercise ball.
I love those little pretzyl things Bailey made for Valentine's day.
I love how the last six times I've gone to a movie theater, I've got the seat behind the bar, allowing me the luxury of putting my feet up. I love that thing.
I love having a fridge full of groceries.
I love that I still have a huge supply of Bicks Dill Pickles from Canada because my mom made me get one extra jar before I came.
I love the mini bags of Old Dutch S&V and Ketchup chips hiding in my closet.

I love that I'm going to take a nap right now instead of studying. Happy Love month blog world.


a picta or two.

Soo my family got family pictures for the first time for as long as I can remember over the Christmas break. 
Unfortunately.. all of the photos are in my mother's hands and she is slightly computer illiterate and hasn't sent me copies.. but she is getting there. She has managed to send me a couple at this point, so I am going to share them because they make me happy and because I miss my family a lot today.

Thanks to Ashley Bennett for being our photographer! All photo credit goes to her! =)

I love my sisters. They are the best.

I loveeeee my family. This makes me want to rewind back to Christmas. Or perhaps fast forward to the next Christmas we are all together. Which will possibly be Christmas 2013. 
Ahhh yes. That will be a lovely Christmas I believe.
Well folks thats all. 


the early bird gets the nicest butt.

I solemnly swear to blog more often. I'm surprised I haven't lost any followers. Special shout out to Carson for his text this morning reminding me of this blog.
Jane! I went onto your blog for the first time expecting to see some new blog posts. But nope! #slacker

I don't know what my deal is. I feel weird blogging. I think I've changed a lot lately.
Maybe I got tired of people knowing everything.
Whatever it is, I kind of miss blogging. So my blog may be different as of now and my posts might be a lot different than they were in the past..
but I think I am back. Hopefully.

I started this crazy thing where I work out at 5:00 am three mornings a week.
Take a moment to digest that people.
I don't do stuff like this.
Back in the day when I took dance.. we had an early morning stretch class. Once a week. At .. 6:30? Does anyone remember?
Anyway. Every Wednesday I had an inward battle. Debated not going. Debated running away. Debated quitting dance. Debated crashing my car.. dying.. breaking my legs.. ANYTHING. It was the hardest thing ever for some reason.
I do believe it has prepared me for this time in my life though.
I did discover in the summer that I can be, in fact, a morning person.. but 5:00am is pushing it. 
Not to mention that early to get up and sweat your face off and feel like dying is really pushing it.
I attend a fitness class at La Sierra with Nora Estrada.
Yeah. Thats her. 
She's a babe... and she makes me wanna be a babe.
It all started when I did this crazy thing called a 10km run a week after being here. Heres pictures to prove it.


Afterrrr =)

Anyway. I met all these La Sierra ladies because Sarah went and worked out with them last semester and they were there and she was there and well. You know how it goes. I saw this lady Nora. Found out how old she was and died when I realized her butt was nicer than mine.
The day I turned twenty, my butt started sliding down lower and lower to my thighs.
It scared me a little bit.
I'm just being honest. So I vowed it was time to make a change.
I decided to meet Nora.
Its been three weeks and I'm still alive.
Anyway, I love her. I hate her though. But mostly I love her.
Thats news. 

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