I'm alive.


baaack to the Rio Grande Valley

I made it. I drove almost 4000km to get here, but I made it.
And I'm alive.
And I never have to make that trip again.. until next year when I go home. No big deal.

I have already learned a few things since I got back this semester.

First. Sarah makes me so very happy and I don't know how I survived a whole month without her.

I'm so lucky to have the roomies that I do. I love both of them.

I miss my mom. She is the best.

People love Canadians for some reason. I tell ya. Whenever I tell an instructor I'm from Canada their eyes light up.. I'm not even kidding. I see a giant A appear in their eye as they start asking me questions about where I'm from and get all excited if I know the places they have visited.
Good thing I was voted "Teachers Pet" in my graduating class in HS.
It's embarrassing, but whatever.
Thanks to the Canadians who have paved the way before me.

I decided to organize my facebook chat and newsfeed into groups. Anyone I added into the group "family" was sent a request to add me as a family member without me knowing it. Thats super awkward because I put a lot of people in that group who aren't really my family. "Oh hi, Janeen wants to be apart of your family so please add her and describe your relationship to her with either daughter.. sister.. niece even though she is none of the above..... etc" You get the point. So peoples. Be careful who you add to the group family because they will find out.

I decided once again to exercise regularly as my new years resolution. It's already Jan 12 and I haven't even moved a muscle yet. Fail already.. terrible. So what do I do? I register for a 10km race on the weekend. I'm going to die. Talk about over compensating... if I never blog again after this weekend you will know how I died. 

This semester has given me a whole new perspective on the poor student feeling.
Poor student. Poor me.

I'm not a morning person. I don't know how I did it last summer. I actually woke up at six almost every day last summer. Even my days off I was awake by 7:30 or 8:00. What the heck. I can't even hardly get myself out of bed by 7:30 anymore. And when I do get up, I have to spend five minutes holding my eyes open or else I will fall asleep getting ready for school.

I have a baby crush on my microbiology teacher. He's Spanish and handsome and strict and without saying a word he stares deep into your soul and penetrates his silent eyes into the corners of your brain hypnotizing you into working harder than you ever have in your life. He also occasionally drives a motorized scooter to school. Not a moped. Like a stand-on scooter. Yeah. One of those. Helmet and all.
He is also the owner of the best pizza place in the valley. Part time heart throbber micro teacher part time pizza dough flipper. Now that's a real man, I tell ya.

Okay so that was over the top.
Here we go again. Another thing I learned.
Sometimes I do that. Take things one step too far.

I'm taking this class called Art Appreciation. Ask me about it tomorrow and I will tell you a story.

I'm super tired so I'm going to bed.


I'm gonna miss this place.

Welll I'm going back to Texas in approximately 8-11 hours depending on when Bailey gets to leave the dentist in the morning.
Poor soul.

It was such a lovely month at home. Perfect really. 

I definitely had some moments I wish not to repeat never happened. So I am going to pretend they never happened and move on. =)

I think I grew up this month. I guess I am always growing up and yeah, I turned twenty and stuff, but in all seriousness..
 something has changed within me..
Something is not the same.. 
I'm through with playing the rules
 or someone else's gaaaamme

Okay I just had a moment and started singing that song in my head and it came through my fingers. 
For those bloggers and blogstalkers out there that didn't catch on an thought I was trying to be inspirational, I actually just accidentally just started singing Defying Gravity from Wicked. 

But really. I'm different... again. Man I keep changing huh? Word.
I freaking miss my brothers and sisters so much already I am adding three/four hours onto my thirty six hour drive so I can see Jenn and Brian again.
And I'm so excited. 
I always have a good time with my family, but this time it was different..
I have the best siblings. Seriously. I don't ever remember ever getting in a fight what my brother, ever. He has never had anything rude to say to me. He treats all his little sisters so well. 
And my sisters? Where would I be without my sisters. They have taught me so much, good and bad. =) 
And my brothers in-law. They just fit so well with our family. It's so great. I just love when everyone is altogether. 

Anyway. Besides having a blast with my family, this Christmas was special for me.
I definitely had some much needed answers to prayers... on more than one occasion.
They came in ways I wasn't expecting.
The Lord really watches out for all of His children. I'm so grateful to know that I am in his constant care.
I also really like this little thought.
Well. Enough. I like this place called home and I'm going to miss it.
I'm going to miss my parents so much. They have been way too good to me. 
Oh crap I'm going to cry all over again.

Well. Adios amigos. Wish me luck on my cross country drive. I'm gonna need it.


I love a new song.


2011 is overrrr.

Okay so everyone keeps doing these awesome 2011 in review posts and I have to jump this bandwagon.

January: This was a good month. It had its low points for sure, but high points included seeing a flames game for my birthday, waking up at the crack of dawn to go wake up Cody in the morning because it was funny and I worked nights, and starting my job at the dance studio. I taught my first dance class this month. It was the best.
Flames vs Islanders

February: Welll folks this is when my best friend left. It was a weird month. To be honest, I don't really remember anything specific. Life just kept moving and I just tried my best to keep up. I worked a lot and cried a lot. I also finished my application for TSTC I'm pretty sure. Hard to say. Like I said.. Feb. was a blur.
Okay story time/confession time. The last weekend before Cody left, we decided we wanted to test drive a vehicle. So, in order to be believable, we bought a fake diamond ring from Walmart and pretended to be engaged and went to a car dealership. We almost bought a 2011 Toyota Corolla. It was a lovely day. This photo was taken on our way to the dealership.. Don't tell anyone okay =)

March: I quit my job at Subway this month and it was the best thing I did. =) I fell in love with my little dancers and it was so very rewarding. I applied for a summer job as well and at the end of March, I received my acceptance letter for TSTC-Harlingen in the mail. It was a bit of a relief to say the least. I also believe this is the month that I met Ryann. I can't believe it was that long ago. Crazy business. She came along just in time. =) My friend Dallin also left on his mission this month.
I'm super lame and didn't take any pics in March. This is one Cody sent me in March though from the Dominican Republic.

April: My sister Sheriann and her husband Chad took me to Florida with them. Amazing. I love Florida. We went to Harry Potter World and Disneyworld and jus had a grand old time. Cody also decided to go and turn twenty this month. He also finally made it to Puerto Rico.
Epcot Center - Orlando FL

May: I started my new summer job for Parks Canada and finished my job at the dance studio. The dance recital was great and my little dancers just made me ohsoproud. I started taking courses online for my program at TSTC. I guess you could say it was the start of semester 1/6. I also got to talk to Cody on the phone for mother's day. His family was just so sweet to invite me over.
Jodi's Dance Academy Recital - Bunnies (Tiny Tots Ballet)

June: Does anyone remember June? I don't. Oh wait. I went to the Magrath Ballet and am still inspired. Yeah, it was that good. I also got Lasik eye surgery. Best decision I ever made even though I had to wear creepy little sunglasses and I had creepy little red spots on my eyes for a month after.
Again. Super lame and didn't take any pictures this month so here is one Cody sent in June

July: My siblings came to visit this month but I was working all the time and it was so sad. My bedtime was at about 8:00pm every night. It was so depressing. I slept through the Canada Day fireworks too. Chronic Fatigue or something. Ryan left on his mission and left me on my lonesome for institute. Just kidding. I started enjoying work this month because I finally figured out what I was doing and made some friends.
Jennica and I at Cameron Falls in Waterton in our matchy Pat's sweaters

August: I finished all of my online courses and even passed. I finished my job, packed up my life, hopped on a plane and went to South Texas. Mexas actually. Yes, I moved right by the Mexican border. I moved in with Bailey and Becky and I started college{again}. I met Sarah Jo and Becca and Jordi and Matthew..my new family.
My roomies and myself getting water for the first time. It was monumental k?

September: I went to Schlitterbahn. I fell in love with Blue Bell. I started watching Grey's Anatomy again. I started learning how to clean teeth. I missed my family a tiny bit. I discovered the Forever 21 department store. I ate out too much. It was a good month.
After a day at Schlitterbahn in San Antonio

October:  I took midterms and didn't fail. I started feeling comfortable with my professors and with school. We made Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I went to the beach with Sarah and Bailey and experienced red tide and sandcastle days. I volunteered at a Boys and Girls club. I also carved my first pumpkin and enjoyed it. We took candy and eggnog to the missionaries for Halloween.
Sarah Jo, Bailey and myself at South Padre

November: I saw Lady Antebellum and met Dave Haywood. I did all my Christmas shopping and became addicted to online shopping. I was robbed on Black Friday. I stil suntanned this month just because I could. I ate a million times too much for American thanksgiving and fell in love with pumpkin pie. I also went to the San Antonio temple and a YSA conference.. YSA is the same everywhere...
Just Bailey and I with Dave Haywood. No big deal. =)

December: I CAME HOME! I started crying all the time. I played with my siblings every day and I had the best christmas ever. I gotta talk to Cody again. Amber chopped my hair off. I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I went rock climbing and it was awesome. Basically I realized how lucky I am to have some an amazing family. I had such a great time with everyone.
Me plus sisters with matching Christmas pjs. =)

2011 was lovely, but I am definitely welcoming 2012 with open arms. =)


ramble ramble update.

I've been slacking. I think its time for a quick rambling update on life, just for the record.

Christmas was perfect. I love my family so much. I kept having to hide in the bathroom the day my oldest sister was leaving because I kept almost crying. I don't cry. I won't even talk about the day Jenn and Brian left. I'm going to cry just thinking about it. Whats wrong with me? Who is this emotional person I have become? It's freaking me out.

Speaking of Christmas and such. Did I mention how perfect it was? In every aspect? Okay, just making sure..

I turned twenty. Steph, one of my best friends, bought me a ticket to see Beauty and the Beast on broadway. I'm lucky, I know. My two other besties Karlee and Katelyn came for the trip and we made a stop in Banff National Park and then all headed to Calgary and spent the night. After the show I got back to a birthday pizza and a decorated hotel room. How adorable right?

I have become this ridiculous bawl baby. I don't even know what happened. I didn't cry hardly all fall being thousands of miles away from my family in a strange land with strange people and strange food. Okay, just kidding its not that strange. But for serious, I break into tears over anything slightly emotional. It's humiliating. 

So, ... it's 2012. Weird. 

People start talking about how Cody's gonna be home in like a year. That also freaks me out a little bit. Time is flying people. Flying. 

I'm kinda excited to go back to Texas. I miss it a tiny bit. My apartment, although rather musty and cockroach infested, it is quaint and homey. I miss my room mates. I miss Sarah Jo. 

So even though this is so contradictory to my last statement.. I am already feeling homesick and I haven't even left. I didn't feel homesick the entire fall but now every time I think about leaving I tear up. Bawl baby. I tell ya.

Did I mention I cut my hair? Well. I didn't. Amber did and I'm so happy about it. Yep. Chopped it right off. Here is a before/after.

Jus call me a poser or something..

Best thing I ever did. Thank you Amber =)

I realized I am a socially awkward person in large social settings. Serious. Put me in a huge crowd and I kinda freak out and want to be invisible and look like an ugly duckling following around my mother when I find one person I know. Put me in a room with five people I know really well and I'm great. Comfortable. I laugh and stuff and tell jokes sometimes. Ask anyone of those five people. Just don't ask the 200 people at the ginormous party. Like I said. Duckling. A lost duckling.

I'm incredibly poor suddenly. I was always poor. I'm a student. It happens. But for some reason things just keep popping up unexpectedly. $90... $200.. $60.. $300.. these numbers just keep appearing and its really ruining my hopes and dreams of ever buying any new clothing again.

Happy New Years bloggers. New Years Resolutions.. hmm. Let's just say I'm gonna try to get into better shape and maybe cut back on my online shopping? I think that's possible. Nothing too serious. No numbers no dates set. 

Ok. I'm bored. Peace out.

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