So my blog is a fail lately. I don't know why I don't blog as much as I used to. I'm thinking because I am so much more busy than I was in the past year? Or lazy? Both?
Anyway. A couple cool thoughts today.
I got eye surgery?
The end.
This song right here completes me.

It's so good right?
Thanks to Pretty Little Liars.
 Made the scene it was played during 2034982034928302984109248x better than it already was.

Did you know I move to Texas in fifty four days.
Whoooaaaaaaa where is the summer going?

Umm and Ryan's leaving. Where the heck is time going?
Did he not JUST get his mission call?

I spent yesterday afternoon with Ryan.Jared.Braden.Karlee.Kate.
I love hanging out with people from my grade.
We're all just in the same place in life.
We can all be awkward and stuck and waiting together.
It's so wonderful to see how we have all changed in the past year though.
Well. Peaceeeoutt.


not so simple today?

Please do this. I dare you.

I got the words passion, fury, and malice.
Perhaps the blog needs some renovations. 
Malicious Jane. Passionate Jane. Furious Jane.
Let me know what you think.



Okay world. Story. 
Yellow used to be my least favorite color.
I never owned anything yellow.
I never bought anything yellow.
I never ate anything yellow.
Okay that last one is a lie. But you get my point.
 Up until about a year and five months ago.
Then I loved yellow. I bought a yellow sweater. I even wrote a blog post about it.
I fell in love with yellow roses.
I got a yellow rose for Valentine's day.
I bought a yellow cardigan.
I bought a yellow shirt.
I bought a yellow bow for my hair.
Do you know why? 
I didn't really notice when it all happened.
But I have it all figured out now.
It's because yellow is the epitome of happiness if you ask me.
And seventeen months ago, I found happiness. 
Even if it took me until more recently to figure that out.
Here is my happiness approximately seventeen months ago.
Yellow bow. Yellow shirt. Big smile. 
(The yellow headband on Karlee's head is mine too.)

Bliss. Right?
Well. Recently, a dear dear closest loving wonderful best friend of mine who knows my love of the color yellow reminded me of a song.
I used to like this song a lot..
Yellow, by Coldplay. 
Naturally, I am obsessed once again.
Even more this time.
oh, and the color yellow?
 It's still my favorite.

Do ya know?
 You know I love you so.


Egg is the weirdest word. say it. egg. egg. egg.

one day, this will all just be a memory..

let your memories grow stronger and stronger, til they're before your eyes..
Regina Spektor - The Call
is it so bad to be in love with a memory of you, smiling back at me..
The Kiss - Tristan Prettyman

So.. bad news..
 you know how sometimes if you say a word too many times 
or think about it too much it suddenly just stops being a word and it just gets all weird?
just did that for me.

I had something all inspirational to post at the end of this, and now it has just been replaced with 
memory.. MEMory.. memORy. memorYY.. 
its not a word, is it?
Egg. Egg. Egg.. bleehhhhh.
Plunk. (That was for Spring. =) )


To Do List Ish Thing

First off. Uh. Cody has been gone four months today. Admit it everyone. 
Time is flying!

So. I'm getting reeeally excited to go to Texas. It's coming so soon! I'd fly there today if I could. 
Problem though.
 I have a few things in the way of me and my destination.
It goes something like this.

This blog post.
Lab Report.
Play with Steph, for like the last time ever?
Book Flights
Units D, E, and F
Final Exam
Another Final Exam
12 Experiments and reports
Get 20/20 vision
Make ten thousand dollars
Probably my Chem Final around this time
Chiropractor Appt
Dentist Appt
Hair Appt
Fit everything I want to take with me into a suitcase
(insert .. Cody will hit six months around this point. WOAH.)
Finish working

Okay, thats not even bad. 
Good thing I like my job..
Seriously though? 
73 days is going to go so fast. 


girls night.

I have many best friends. 
I've mentioned them a few times, of course.
Last night, I had a sleepover with two of my best friends.
It was lovely.
We went to a chick flick
 and laughed our faces off.
We danced to Who Says by Selena Gomez
 and felt beautiful.
We turned off the lights and crawled into one bed.
We told stories.
We shared stories of our favorite kisses.
We talked about who was going to get married first, second, and third out of the three of us.
We talked about being in love. 
The real kind.
I don't think we've ever done that before. 
Crazy, right?

I have the best friends ever. =)
I'm going to miss these girls a lot. 
It's kind of our last summer together and that makes me a little bit sad.
I love you Kate and Karleefry. =)

We just had one of those nights and it was just what I needed.


I believe in Fairies.

So, when I missed the Magrath ballet production of The Little Mermaid last year, I was a wee bit upset. I heard so many great things about it. I officially decided I would be attending their next production... 
no matter what.
 Steph wanted to as well. Perfect.
Later, I found out that three girls that I danced with when I was in high school had started taking lessons in Magrath as well. All the more reason to go watch, right?
Here I am, exactly one year later to the day, and I did it.
And I am so impressed. 
Beyond impressed. 
I feel like I just watched a professional ballet, and I'm not even exaggerating.
Just so everyone knows.
Their production was Peter Pan.
It was magical. So many sparkles.
Honestly, they even flew and stuff.
Their technique was incredible.
The entire thing was just so creative. I was completely drawn in the entire show.
They were in character the entire time.. even during blackouts.
I had perma-shivers.
I even cried.

Did I mention they flew?!

(I didn't take any pictures. I would have felt so creepy. I guess you just don't get to see any pictures of how amazing it was. Go to their production next June and see for yourself.)

And you know what else I noticed?
No matter who you were,
you had an important part.
No matter what your role was,
it was an important one.
Everyone was so fabulous.
Everyone was their best.
Everyone felt good about themselves.

I think thats how life should be.


Apparently I'm not very tech-savvy.

I don't consider myself tech-savvy. I never have. I'm not that great on computers and to be honest it took me beyond hours to even figure out how to work this blog. My computer isn't organized very well and sometimes I get confused on it, but I'm smart enough to figure things out, for the most part. I grew up on computers and my mom thinks I'm great. Sure, I can type fast. I can download stuff. I can navigate around.. my mom thinks I'm brilliant. I disagree, but whatever. I know enough that I can generally figure things out; however, in the past week, I have never encountered more technical problems online. Take a look.

I have to use CourseCompass for my online courses. I figured it out, paid for it, it worked for a week, and then this started happening.
Authentication failed? What? Try again later? I have tried every day for two and a half weeks. No problem, I'll click "Forgot login name/password" link and reset my information.


Awesome. I don't exist. 
No problem, I'll just "Contact the Pearson Education Support team." Give them a piece of my mind.
Wrong again.

Okkaay.. Guess I won't be contacting anyone about that.

 As you can see, I was rather frustrated as I get points deducted for not using this website. I don't wanna talk about it. 

So today I woke up to an email from UPS. Awesome. 
A parcel? For me? Wait.. I didn't order anything but apparently my parcel has been shipped. 
(Yes, I posted my tracking number publically. Doesn't matter when it doesn't work. Someone. A hacker. Please try and hack into UPS and find out what my parcel is.)

That's fine.. I'll just view more details about my parcel in the attachment as it says to do.
I click the attachment and..

Awesome.. my computer doesn't like the file.

So. Being the problem solver I am.. I'll just go to the UPS website and try to use the password they gave me.

I didn't think that looked like a real tracking number, but it was the only one I got.
Stuck again. I'll just email the UPS support and tell them of my problem.


Seriously. This is all happening. Am I really that horrible with technology??!! 
This is just happening on the internet. I couldn't take photos of the answering machines I've been transferred to and the number of times I've been put on hold only to have it get disconnected after 35 minutes.

Apparently I'm not cut out for modern society.


ohhhhh helllo Wednesday.

The littlest things can make my whole day.

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