yes yes.

I was introduced to this song by my friend Desiree.
 I absolutely love it and I can't stop listening to it. 


wishful thinking

{I wish} I was already home for Christmas
{I wish} I had an unopened envelope sitting in my mailbox
{I wish}  I was lying in my king-sized bed instead of sitting on a futon
{I wish} my upstairs neighbours didn't insist on getting drunk all the time so I didn't have to wake up to them throwing up every morning
{I wish} I was finishing my last semester of college.. not my first
{I wish} I had enough money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone I know
{I wish} online shopping wasn't so easy...
 {I wish} my car was here
{I wish} people could see their own potential so they would stop doing stupid things
{I wish} Amber was here to make my hair cute
{I wish} people didn't steal things out of cars
{I wish} I was at home for the alumni games in my cheer uniform
{I wish} the U key on my keyboard wasn't popped off. (really can anyone fix it for me?)
{I wish} the hot tub outside my apartment was working

but then.. life would be uninteresting
and I wouldn't have very much to look forward to in the future.


it's monday blogworld. =)

I have so many songs I would like to choose for Music Monday today... but I have been able to narrow it down to one.

Love. Love. Love.

and so many more to come. 


don't be a hater

Okay. Vent session.
I have this pet peeve. 
Haters. You know? Haters always voice their negative opinions so strongly.
Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you have to preach against it.
It's like the Biebs. You can't deny the kid has talent. 
You don't have to love the Biebs. You don't ever have to listen to him.. but that doesn't mean you have to go around telling everyone that he sucks and spend your life trying to convince others that he has no talent by creating hating fb pages and what not. Serious. I worked with a few people this summer that spent their days trying to convince me how terrible he was.
It drove me crazy. Not saying everyone has to like the Biebs. People have their opinions, that's cool.
Just don't dedicate your life to trying to convince everyone that you are right.
It happens with a lot of things, and it has really started to drive me crazy.
Country music another example.
Have you ever noticed that if someone doesn't like country music.. they constantly criticize it and always speak out about how much they hate it and how terrible it is?
You always know a country music hater.
I don't like lots of styles of music. Does that matter?
The list just goes on and on.
Breaking Dawn is my newest example.
A lot of people just aren't fans of the Twilight Saga.
That's cool. No one said you have to be into that sorta thing.
Yeah, I get that its kinda annoying how some people just take everything one step too far.
Hype kinda drives me nuts too...
but its not affecting me.
Let people get all excited. It's not hurting anyone.
A lot of people hated the movie. That's fine. 
But I find it so frustrating when I log into facebook or sign on to twitter and find a million status updates or tweets about how terrible the movie was.
Find something better to do with your time then convince the world how terrible it was.
The world has enough negativity. 
Keep your mouth shut and let those who enjoyed it, enjoy it in peace.
I, happened to LOVE Breaking Dawn.
The movies just keep getting better and better.
And the soundtrack! Oh my. It was fabulous.
And Edward. He is just getting better looking.
I was absolutely thrilled the entire time.
Since when is hating the cool thing to do?
I feel like that is what the world is coming to.
I swear, half the haters out there just hate to be different from everyone else.
So many people think its cool to be different, which it is, that they hate because it puts the fans down.
No doubt when I love something and someone hates it it kinda makes me feel like crap.
But whatever. I love the Biebs, and country music, and Breaking Dawn. End of story

Now, everyone doesn't have to agree with me. I don't mind. And yes, I understand it goes both ways. Haters hate seeing all over facebook and twitter how incredible it was when they really thought it was terrible. But hey, at least if the haters keep their mouths shut it makes the world a lot more positive right?
Pretty sure we got enough negativity to last and the world can use a little more optimism.
That is all.


dedicated to carson. =)

Apparently I never blog. 
This one is for you lil brother{practically}.
Thank you for being such a sweetheart and caring so much about people.
Oh. And thanks for coming to the hockey game the week Cody left and tag along with you and your friends.
Thanks for sending me those texts you found on Cody's old phone.
And the picture.
Is the little light still purple and yellow when I text you?
or did you figure out how to change it?
Thanks for listening to me rant and whine.
Thanks for texting me when you miss Cody.
Thanks for always having a good attitude.
You are going to be an amazing missionary, did you know that?
Cody will be so proud.
And so will your family.
and me too.

Love you little brother. :)


that is all. :)

Today is a little bit epic. It is 11/11/11
I don't have anything exciting to blog about.
In fact, I am kind of busy today and don't have time to sit until I feel inspired.
I will simply say it is 11/11/11 and 11:11 just passed and I love Cody still. :)


yes this happens.

Sometimes I just stop and think of you.
And sometimes I wonder if in that moment, you are thinking of me too.


crazier things have happened. okay no they haven't.

Cool crazy things never happen to me. 
I never have cool stories to tell or exciting adventures. 
Okay well I like my life and such but ya know? 
I feel like nothing super crazy cool has ever happened to me.. until LAST NIGHT.
As previously posted, last night I went to Lady Antebellum! Oh my word. To start off, the concert was amazing. They were incredible live. 

Anyway. The highlight of the night was possibly after the concert. We were walking to Bailey's car when we saw a group of people hanging by a fence out back and we were like.. cool what if they come out! So Bailey and I ran over there. The security guards were telling us that they already left and trying to get us to leave. There was a crowd of maybe 30-40 people but Bailey and I were at the front. Slowly people started leaving and such.. the crowd was now probably at about fifteen people. We were deciding if we should leave and such then BAM. Out walks the guitar player/singer for Lady Antebellum.. Dave Haywood! 
He dropped all his things and walked over to the fence where the crowd was and started giving autographs and shaking hands with everyone. 
Bailey grabbed his hand while I held my camera out to him to take a picture. He took the camera from my hand and then snapped a picture with us! He then shook our hands again and kept walking down the line. I was shaking! It was the craziest coolest thing ever. I've never met anyone famous before and now I have a picture with one!

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