meet my new best friend.

I have been a little bit missing this week from the blog world, but you say I have been busy running errands. And when I am not running errands I have been at school. When I am not doing that I try to catch a little shut eye..
 maybe I have ben spending some quality time with my new best friend?

South Padre Island

She lives just about a half hour from me. It's great. I have a feeling we are going to just become better and better friends as more time passes..

K but for real. I have more than a million things to blog about and twice that many blogs to catch up on but it will just all have to wait for another day.
Happy blogging everyone and I hope the end of your summer was fabulous!


i never win!

I have a lot to say but kindof nothing at all.
I will start with this, because this is big.

Uh. Yeah. I won my first giveaway. This is officially as good as it gets.

I have 141 lbs of luggage that I have to haul through an airport tomorrow. Excellent.

I'm done work. I'm kind of sad. I am going to miss my little Parks Canada family. I met so many great people. I am kind of sad. I hope to return there for one more summer.. =)

I think I have a new old friend.

Deedra gave me a blanket. It's yellow... and it gives hugs. 
It is a keeper..
and she is a keeper. 

Carson came to visit me. When did he get so tall?

So I'm all packed.. but I do NOT want to clean my basement. I'm so tired.

That is all.


but you'll be in my dreams tonight.

One of the reasons I love my job so much is because I am required to spend a lot of the day in the vehicle. You know what this means? Country Top 40 Countdown every Saturday morning.  I have mentioned this before. Today, one of my favorite songs over the summer decided to hit number one, just before lunch break.

It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
caught up in this moment
caught up in your smile

I love this song.
I loved it a few months ago but it faded
but I love it all over again.

The whole thing is just fabulous.
 I enjoy singing it at the top of my lungs driving to and from work.
Try it. 

sidenote: Lady Antebellum. Are they a favorite of anyone else? I have yet to be disappointed.


where did summer go?

So I'm packing up my room.
again... and it's taking forever
 I keep finding odds and ends that distract me. 
I have become an excessive daydreamer..
in addition to my excessive dreams at night.

but then I remember how excited I am for the next chapter of my life.
Three more nights here is all..
Ahhh life is crazy.


maybe maybe.

I hope it's possible.
I think it's possible.
I even want it to be possible.

I suppose only time will tell, right?



Remember this? My letterless week due to Cody forgetting a stamp? Not a big deal. I got over it.
Until yesterday happened. My stampless letter showed up, accompanied by another letter. Then, another letter came today as a surprise. What a good couple days it has been. =)

I apologize to my blogfriends who do not like to hear about Cody day in and day out.
I just love him okay?
And I blog about things I love.
That is all.

sidenote. I am moving to Texas on Monday. I am going to miss Carson.


Movie Music Monday?

The best thing about Monday is no longer the fact that I get to share a song for Music Monday. It is the fact that when I look through my blogfeed, I see so many other posts that include Music Monday. Sometimes I even see the little button I made on other blogs.

This is what I call a success. =)

My song for Music Monday is found on this movie trailer. Not only do I love this song, I am officially dying to see this movie.

Maybe the fact Ingrid Michaelson is singing sweet love songs in the background makes it all the more appealing to me.
I love Ingrid Michaelson the most. 
Well, her and Joshua Radin I suppose.
I'm not sure why exactly,
but the whole thing just gets to me.
Music Monday: Can't Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson
Movie Monday? - Like Crazy


I am a cyber-nerd.

Confession time.
I have cyber friends. So many cyber friends.
Is that creepy and weird?

I skype with my dear friend Ryann Newby.. Quite regularily as well. She knows pretty much everything that happens in my life too. If we are not skyping we are texting. Or chatting on facebook. Have I ever actually hung out with her? Nope. =) Will I go to her wedding? Yep. We're weird. Leave us alone.

Sometimes I chat on facebook with Justin Riddle. Long story short, he's a friend of a friend and a friend? I don't know. He's funny though, and he knows me surprisingly well considering he only knew who I was because he remembered my name started with  J, and remembered that I had a blog.
Props to him for being a facebook creep as well.

Then, I have some friends from Puerto Rico. Some of them know Cody even. Cool right? I like to talk to them sometimes too, even though English is their 2nd language. Perhaps I will have to learn some Spanish..

Do I reallly have to get into my blogfriends? What about my blogfriends. I follow a bazillion of them. The happenings in each of their lives has become important to me okay?

I think I have a problem.

sidenote: all of this blows my mother's mind.


mail math.

This is a letter. 
I get one every most Tuesdays.

My letter....

minus one of these

equals nothing on Tuesday.

Yes blogworld. Cody's email today said this.
"PS.. the letter I sent last week.... I accidently put it in the mail thing without a stamp..I'm sorry! I'm so dumb. I dunno if it's gonna make it or not....hahaha"

Good thing he's cute.

all photos found here.


Okay. I know it's post number two.. and I know that is often frowned upon but this is necessary.

Ummmm I officially have been without my bestfriend for six months. 
6 months
26 weeks.
182 days.
4368 hours.
262 087 minutes.
15725258 seconds.
Yes, those are all accurate. Don't judge me.

First off.. can I just say that is a freaking long time? and Second.. Can I also just say how proud I am of Elder Foggin?

Cody has been the best missionary I have ever known. He doesn't complain. He writes weekly. He loves the Lord. He loves his companions. He is so happy to be serving. He wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in the world but in Puerto Rico right now, 
and for the next 18 months. 
18 months.
78 weeks.
548 days.
13175 hours.
790552 minutes.
47433142 seconds.

Today, I wrote him an email. It contained many updates and thoughts, but ended in simply thank-you's. I do owe him a lot. Honestly.. looking back, I realize how huge of a blessing he is and has been in my life. If it were not for him, I cannot imagine where I would be right here today. He was always oh.so.patient when I oh.so.did.not deserve it...

"PS. I want to thank you so much for being so wonderful. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for loving me regardless of what happened over the past year and a half.. and I am so sorry. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for always knowing and having faith that things would turn out. Thank you for having integrity and always being a good missionary. Thank you for trusting me. I want you to know how much it means to me. Thank you for loving the Lord enough to serve him for two years. Thank you for loving me enough to leave me. Thank you for always being someone I can count on. Thank you for being my best friend."

Cody has been gone for six months. I miss him every day, but I am so happy he is where he is. He is learning so much, and I am too. Every day I wake up I realize all over again that I love him.. (Incase there is still anyone out there in the blogworld that did not yet know that I am in love... I am.) and then I realize even more so.. how lucky I am that he loves me back.


Top Dog of Grade 2.

Who remembers "Top Dog" in Mrs. Romeril's grade 2 class? I found a special little book with a message from every single one of my class mates telling me what they liked about me. There were a few that just crack me up.  I'm not sure there is anything cuter than seven year olds. I had to share.
*These are copied word for word.

"You are my very very best friend. I wish I could get you anything you want in the whole wide world. You are so pretty. I like her hair." - Tessa

"You are nice to me a lot and you help lot of people. You are my friend and you. are so nice. You are the best one in the olen school. I wish I wous you." - Dani

"You are pretty and funny you are loveing hearted." - Karson

"You are my very best friend you are very kind. everybody likes you. Even Mrs. Romeril liks you." - Kate

"You are the most smartest kid in the class because you're friends with everyone." - Miles

"You print very good. You help kids then they work when they dodn't even ask. Because you're my friend." - Matt

"You are one of the best workers in the class. And she is fast at working." - Jon

"You work rally hard and you help any buddy that needs help." - Ryan

They were all so adorable but I had to share a few of my favorites. =)
I'm so happy I grew up in a little town where I still know all of these people and remained friends with them all through high school. 


it's monday.

This one time at work the country top 40 countdown was on the radio. We maybe listened to a few too many of the songs considering we were at work, but thats not important. The important thing is that I was reminded of so many country songs I love this summer. I love country music. I still listen to it all year, but for some reason it's all I listen to in the summer.

In behalf of Music Monday, I am telling everyone how much I have been loving this song this summer:

It is fabulous. 
Summer is fabulous.
Country music is fabulous.
Keith Urban is fabulous.


lovin me some technology.

Have I have mentioned that despite all my error messages and struggles when it comes to my computer...
I am a huge fan of modern technology.
Perhaps the #1 fan today?

Because of the connections of facebook, I met a lovely girl from Puerto Rico named Doelis...
This girl happens to see my bestfriend every single week at church.
Today? She took pictures for me.

Isn't he so stinkin cute?


Where does your mail go?

Have you ever thought about the journey a letter takes from one part of the world to another? Yeah probably not. But I think about it every week when I open my mailbox in Babb and find another letter waiting for me. Whenever I see Postal Vehicles driving I kinda get excited a little bit when I think about how truly amazing the postal system is! It's crazy okay. You just write a couple random numbers and letters on the front, slap a stamp in the corner and drop it in a box and expect that it will somehow find its way into the hands of who its supposed to.. and it does. Usually.

I have a story that seriously just made my life.

I have a post office box across the border because lots of things ordered in the states won't get shipped to Canada, and it's also cheaper to mail domestic instead of internationally(obviously). When you have a family member that uses the united postal system as often as my family does.. it's worth it. So. Today, my parents were going to get the mail across the border. So sweet of them, really. Anyway, all was well, I even had a parcel waiting. They brought it home for me and my day was made, the usual. Anyway, here we are.. five hours later.. and the best thing in the world just happened.
Someone knocked at the door. My mom yelled at my to answer it (of course =) ) so I ran upstairs and a familiar lady was standing there with her hands behind her back. She asked to talk to my mom and my mom was just at the top of the stairs. The lady started walking up the stairs. I thought it was kinda odd because people don't usually just head up the stairs that fast.. ya know? I figured something serious must be up. Call me a sneak, but I stayed at the bottom of the second set of stairs trying to figure out what was going on, but I could not hear a thing. This lady was whispering. Anyway, the lady walked out the door and I ran upstairs because I figured my mom would tell me whats up. She handed me a letter from Cody. This lady had found my letter in the garbage at the post office in Montana! Apparently, she first thought maybe my parents were throwing away my letters... but then she decided maybe they weren't so she better double check. It had actually been stuck inside a flier and was thrown away on accident. She rescued my letter and brought it back into Canada and drove it over to my house. When my mom told me I was so excited I ran outside and gave this lady a huge hug.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love living where I do? Where else in the world would someone find your letter in the garbage across the border, think maybe you were supposed to get it, and bring it to you? Nowhere. Nowhere else. 

I am happy as a clam. It is officially my favorite day ever.

sidenote. This letter is officially my favorite and I kind of think deserves some sort of award for being so determined to find me... Perhaps a frame instead of the letter binder?


Do ya hear me? I'm talking to you.

So I have this friend, 
and even though this friend is 5550 km away, 
he can sense when I'm upset. And you know what? I love that.
How lucky am I?
I can wake up not even realizing that something is not right with me..
but he can tell.
And he can always make it go away.. without even knowing he did.

sidenote: Cody Clay is my best friend, ever. . 


It's Tuesday but let's pretend its Monday?

I failed .music.monday. But that's fine because I have a song worthy of posting now.

 The song itself isn't my favorite yet, but the lyrics are darling.

Be My Honeypie - The Weepies

Dance with me darling, the night is falling

You never answer although all my life I'm calling

Be my honeypie, never say goodbye
If you don't love me I will die
Be my honeypie

You turn me on, keep me up 'til dawn
Come and get me, baby
because soon I will be gone

What good are the stars above
if you're not in love?

Let me make it right, stay with me tonight
You ought to let somebody hold you tight


Hello August.

I have never welcomed August with such open arms. August is fabulous for so many reasons.

August means finishing summer school
August means six months
August means finishing work
August means moving
August means no more evenings in July without you to spend them with
August means Texas
August means that Gossip Girl returns next month
I like August.

sidenote: I liked July too. It brought lots of twists and turns and bumps, but it was still lovely. Just like it usually is.

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