blogger cobwebs.

Once upon a time a seventeen year old girl named Jane blogged about the things closest to her seventeen year old girl heart. So that means boys and break ups mostly. Because that's just what seventeen year old girls hearts seem to be alllll about. She got a little bit older, but mostly still blogged about the same things. Eventually, she turned twenty-two.  It must have been close to the day of her birthday when, when she realized that she had borne her soul into the mysterious abyss known as cyberspace, became extremely humiliated about the words written, and changed her blog to private and vowed to delete every post that had been posted, because, well, she had changed. 

Okay I'm tired of writing in third person. It's hurting my head. That's how long it's been since I've been writing. (sidenote: also... I had to look up the difference between first and third person just to be sure I had them right and I feel that I have failed as writer, and perhaps as a human being. I had it right just for the record.)

Honestly, I look back at some of the things I have written here and quite frankly, I die a little bit inside. I really wanted to delete this whole thing and start from scratch. But then I look at my 177 faithful followers who probably aren't faithful but just don't know they are following me and a little part of me can't give them up. I debated deleting all 409 posts so they would be hidden deep in the archives of the past where only internet hackers could reach. But I just haven't been able to do it. Alas, here I am, leaving things as they are. I suppose thats okay, because I said those things and heaven knows I meant them. Truth is, I miss this little corner of the world wide web, and I'm ready to sweep up the dust bunnies, clear the cobwebs, and begin again. I am back, only now I'm Simply Jane (+1).

I'm a married woman now.


  1. Hey you blogged! And I'm glad you didn't delete anything! welcome back.

  2. I serioulsy just shed a little tear! I love it.. "Simply Jane + 1..." Perfect!


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