Mother's Day =)

I have two very important things to blog about today. 

First. My mother
 I love my mom so very much.
She is the greatest. 
Did you know every year on my birthday when I come wake her up in the morning, she tells me the same story? I am going to share that story. It is just short, but it means a lot.
This is how she tells it..

I remember wanting you so bad. I just knew there was one more. I distinctly remember being in the hospital room just after giving birth to Jennica. Your dad was promising me I never had to go through the pain of childbirth again and I smiled and said to him and my mother who was also at my bedside, "I think I want one more."
Everyone was shocked. Your grandma thought I was crazy and so did the doctor. They had never heard of a woman saying she wanted to go through childbirth one more time right after having a baby!  But I just knew. I just knew there was one more. We got family pictures when Jennica was little. I had three kids, but I just wasn't happy enough with the pictures. There was an empty spot on my lap. I just knew.

Cute huh?
I'm so loved. I know.
She has given me so many things.
She gave me her bone structure.
She gave me her singing voice.
She gave me her empathetic nature.
She gave me her musical talents.
She gave me her love for being spontaneous.
She gave me her bubbly personality.
She gave me her love for life.
She gave me a life.
She gave me my own room.
She lets me cuddle with her still.
She scratches my back at church.
She leaves me notes on my mirror in my bathroom.
She will always help me if I get stressed about things.
I could go on forever and ever. 

I love you mom!

Okay world. Guess what I did today?
No big deal. I just got to talk to Cody on the phone!!!
I'm going into details people.
I don't usually give TOOOO many details on Cody.. but this was just amazing.
I am in a cloud.
His family was kind enough to invite me out for dinner and to be there when he called! I appreciate them so much for that.
They even let me have some personal time to talk to him.
He's the same Cody that has been my best friend through so much.. only even better.
I had no idea what I was going to say.. and either did he.. but we just talked. About everything. The time on the phone absolutely flew by.
Just like time has been doing for the past three months. YES! Tomorrow is three months. When I told my mom she was like. "Are you sure"
HA. Am I sure..
Honestly though, the anticipation was almost as marvellous as the actual talking to him was. I was the last one to talk to him individually before everyone had him together on speaker phone, and the time waiting while he talked to each of his family members was the best. I don't know if I remember being so excited for something in my whole entire life.
Okay. Enough details.

Telephone happy dance?


  1. Oh Jane I'm so glad you got personal time to talk to him! :) 1. Aren't we just soo lucky? :) 2. I can't believe tomorrow is 3 months. seriously? :)

  2. YAY! that's so wonderful! I'm so happy you got to talk to him.

  3. Wahooooooooooooooo! I love this post!

  4. Aw super adorable chica!!!

  5. Cute!! Glad you got to talk to him!!

  6. Missionaries live with my parents and we would always giggle when the missionaries would go to another room to talk to their girlfriends.

    What a sweet story from your Mom.

  7. Yayy that is sweet! I am so happy for you. Hope he is doing GREAT!


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