crazier things have happened. okay no they haven't.

Cool crazy things never happen to me. 
I never have cool stories to tell or exciting adventures. 
Okay well I like my life and such but ya know? 
I feel like nothing super crazy cool has ever happened to me.. until LAST NIGHT.
As previously posted, last night I went to Lady Antebellum! Oh my word. To start off, the concert was amazing. They were incredible live. 

Anyway. The highlight of the night was possibly after the concert. We were walking to Bailey's car when we saw a group of people hanging by a fence out back and we were like.. cool what if they come out! So Bailey and I ran over there. The security guards were telling us that they already left and trying to get us to leave. There was a crowd of maybe 30-40 people but Bailey and I were at the front. Slowly people started leaving and such.. the crowd was now probably at about fifteen people. We were deciding if we should leave and such then BAM. Out walks the guitar player/singer for Lady Antebellum.. Dave Haywood! 
He dropped all his things and walked over to the fence where the crowd was and started giving autographs and shaking hands with everyone. 
Bailey grabbed his hand while I held my camera out to him to take a picture. He took the camera from my hand and then snapped a picture with us! He then shook our hands again and kept walking down the line. I was shaking! It was the craziest coolest thing ever. I've never met anyone famous before and now I have a picture with one!


  1. oh my goodness i loveeeee lady antebellum!! so jealous! that is so frickin cool!!!!! ahhh!!!!

  2. Jane did you wear your onesies to the concert??? It's cool if you did....I aint judgin.

  3. noo silly thats a lady antebellum shirt over my other shirt hahahah


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