wishful thinking

{I wish} I was already home for Christmas
{I wish} I had an unopened envelope sitting in my mailbox
{I wish}  I was lying in my king-sized bed instead of sitting on a futon
{I wish} my upstairs neighbours didn't insist on getting drunk all the time so I didn't have to wake up to them throwing up every morning
{I wish} I was finishing my last semester of college.. not my first
{I wish} I had enough money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone I know
{I wish} online shopping wasn't so easy...
 {I wish} my car was here
{I wish} people could see their own potential so they would stop doing stupid things
{I wish} Amber was here to make my hair cute
{I wish} people didn't steal things out of cars
{I wish} I was at home for the alumni games in my cheer uniform
{I wish} the U key on my keyboard wasn't popped off. (really can anyone fix it for me?)
{I wish} the hot tub outside my apartment was working

but then.. life would be uninteresting
and I wouldn't have very much to look forward to in the future.

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