Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFFs.

So I've been in a blogging rut. I don't know what to write about so I don't even go on blogger and read other posts so now I am so far behind on everyones blogs I don't know where to start. Also, so much has happened lately in my life that I don't know where to start blogging to catch up on everything. Ya know what. I'm not gonna do that whole catch up thing. Nope.

Today I came across this and thought it was a lovely idea. 
I'm doing a bit of a different take on it. I will do another one again soon more like the post I read because it's hilarious. But here I go.

If We're Gonna Be BFFs.

1. You have to call me Jane, not Janeen. I don't mind either name to be honest. But all of my best friends call me Jane. And when you call me Jane it makes me feel like we're tighter. I don't know why. It's just how I am.

2. Don't tell me not to buy something because I don't have enough money. I already know I don't have enough money. I like shopping. Impulsive shopping. When you tell me that I don't have the money for it it just pisses me off and sort of humiliates me and makes me want to buy it more just because I can. Terrible, I know. If you really think I shouldn't get it, tell me I could find something cuter for cheaper somewhere else.

3. Don't steal my clothes. I don't share clothes. Maybe this isn't very nice but I have never been a huge clothes sharer. Probably due to the fact that my mother wouldn't let my sister and I share clothes because we fought like rabid beasts whenever we did. I won't borrow your clothes so don't ask to borrow mine. (this is not including sweats, pajama shirts, and big comfy sweaters.)

4. Don't copy me. Dangit this is my hugest pet peeve. Sometimes I feel like a twelve year old still when I get so frustrated when people use my ideas as their own. Sure, we can be friends if you do this but we will never be BFFs.

5. Don't question my love life. Don't criticize me for mistakes I've made in past relationships, or even just criticize relationships I've had in the past. I don't regret dating anyone I have dated. All of the guys have been very important to me for different reasons in my life so when you laugh at a relationship I've had or say something rude about one of my ex boyfriends I will be extremely defensive. I'm the only one that is allowed to hate on my ex's.. and I don't hate any of them.

6. You have to sometimes just let me be lazy. If you don't want to sit around all day and watch TV or movies and have a relaxing day of accomplishing nothing, thats fine... you can leave or do whatever you want.... just don't whine about how I don't want to do anything. Sometimes I just need those days.

7. Don't date anyone I've dated in the last three years. Before that, I'm sure I could move past it. Call me a hypocrite or something (haha) I'm just being honest. I will not feel okay if you start dating anyone I have dated [seriously] since the middle of 2009. We will not be able to be BFFs. We probably won't even be able to be friends. Okay thats too far. But seriously. I will try really hard but it's just still too soon.

8. You can't ever laugh at my unrealistic crushes. Yes, I have a few. Justin Bieber is the only one I will admit to the blog. Mock me of my crazy ideas about love and romance I will never forgive you. I can't help it if I had many secret love affairs in another life. And when I tell you about the dreams I have about these wonderful unreachable men, don't you dare judge me.

9. You have to be secure... Now.. I know everyone has insecurities. I do too, and I am not saying you have to be 100% confident because I think that's kind of impossible at this point in life. But honestly, you have to be you, and you have to be okay with that. Comparing yourself to me or others around me just stresses me out and I don't know how to handle it or what to say to you. Everyone is different for a reason.

10. You can't be embarrassed of me. I'm me. Yes, I blog. =) Yes, I'm ridiculous sometimes. Yes, I'm quirky and weird and love with all my heart and am not ashamed of it. Yes, I cry too hard sometimes and yes I laugh too hard sometimes. Yes I get overly involved in things I should not. Yes sometimes I say too much, and other times, not nearly enough.  Sometimes I just have to sing at the top of my lungs and run down the street to click my heels. Sometimes I make a fool of myself and sometimes I get humiliated because of that. But, it's just who I am. You have to love me despite my weaknesses, but because of my strengths.


  1. do you know what i say to that bring it on haha but seriously what you say sounds fair to be bff with you because everyone wants and need people to act and be a srten way to be best friends with them. i understand where your coming from jane :)

  2. I'm pretty sure I've only called you Janeen like... once. Or twice.
    I think I qualify to be BFF's with you :) Haha I love you Jane!
    "Justin Bieber is the only one I will admit to the blog" haha YES! :D we are twinners for sure.
    Basically. Let's be BFF's. Ok? Good :)

    1. Des I always knew we were kindred spirits of some type. =) BFFs? Solddd.

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  4. I just saw this. Adorable. :) I like you. Lets be BFF's.

  5. I love Jane. All of her. You might want to make sure you qualify for all ten of those points because it will be the best decision of your life. Let's find a swing and have a wonderful amazing chat like we did at girls camp Jane =)


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