Sometimes I just have to say whats on my mind. Sorry if you don't like it.

I miss my best friend.
It's been lovely to have time to grow and learn about myself and become independent.
It's been lovely to be able to simply be me, and to work on becoming the person I want to become.
It's been lovely to be able to be in school without the distraction of a boyfriend that I want to be with all the time.. (I'm quite terrible at prioritizing when it comes to that sort of thing..)
It's been lovely to have someone to miss so much
someone to write letters to and someone who writes me back just as much, sometimes more
It's been lovely to live in this middle place where the future is so unknown
where nothing is really for sure
but I'm ready to stop this now.
I'm ready for these last few months to be finished.
I'm ready for a big hug. 
I'm ready to sing at the top of my lungs all of the songs I used to sing
I'm ready to really smile again and mean it
I'm ready for movie nights and airsoft wars.
I'm ready to have someone say goodnight to me and someone to listen to my ranting
I'm ready for someone to laugh with me when I'm being ridiculous
for someone to make me laugh when I'm sad
I'm ready for Sunday naps and late night conversations
I'm ready for my heart to stop hurting
and I'm ready to never have to say goodbye, ever again.

one hundred and six more days. 


  1. me too...want more hug and never say goodbye ^^

  2. i am so ready too. i love this so much. its almost over! ah!


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