Hello, Governor!

I think I've learned patience pretty good over the past few years... I'm not saying I'm Queen Patience, by all means. Sometimes I am pretty sure I am less patient than I was when I was a toddler. Anyway, since Cody has been gone, I haven't known for sure when he is coming home. Just an estimation. And that has been fine. But now.. I'm going a bit crazy. You see, there are three potential dates for him to come home. He has said he might come home February 14th, March 1st, or March 22nd. Those dates might seem close to each other when in the scheme of things he has been gone for two years so whats another couple weeks here and there, but seriously? I'm going crazy. I have three countdowns.

95 days.
110 days.
131 days.

.. that 95 days is sure making me excited. It's such a tease. And when it was at 131 days, it was still making me excited. But now seeing a 95 days next to a 131 days, I am not sure I have ever felt more depressed about 131 days in my life. 

I am pretty sure he is doing this just to be a trickster. He's just going to show up at home one day. "Surprise! I'm home!"
Not cool. 
Scratch that... That would be freaking amazing. Now I not only have my hopes up for 95 days but my hopes are up for him showing up randomly unexpectedly. Like January. Or next week. Which isn't going to happen.

I guess in all reality, it isn't going to make a huge difference which of those days he comes home, because I live in Texas until April 22 anyway. 

So now that I've complained about not knowing when Cody is coming home for long enough, I am going to take a moment here to celebrate the fact that I graduate so soon. And Cody is coming home so soon. Regardless of the fact that it is either 95 days or 110 days or 131 days, its not 700. or 600.. or even 200. 

Now, disregarding all of that. I took this lovely photo on October 12th. The day I skyped Justin Bieber. Okay so not really. But kind of. That is the day that my lovely best friend Steph skyped me from a Justin Bieber concert. That glowing blob in the middle of the screen is in fact Justin Bieber, in the flesh kind of. As you can see, I'm not excited about it at all.

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