I need to stop taking such long Sunday naps.

Sometimes I do this thing where I randomly stay up until three am.
No real reason I do this.
I'm actually quite tired.
These are some of my scattered thoughts today.
I like skype, but apparently not as much as my roomies do.
I want it to snow here. I'm in the Christmas spirit.
It's still eight degrees every day and I wear shorts though so I don't think snow is in the books.
No bueno.
It bothers me when people think I'm dumb.
Sometimes I am dumb though, but you can stop thinking it, thanks.
I like aprons.
I suddenly feel horrible for all the times I ditched my friends for my boyfriend in the past.
It's something everyone experiences I suppose.. 
but I sure liked it better when my roomies were single.
Sorry friends. Sorry for being lame sometimes.
I'm so happy I'm Canadian. Canada is lovely.
Do you know what else is lovely? New socks.
I hate finding a clothing article I like only to look at the price tag and realize how expensive it is.
I've stopped looking at price tags. Problem solved.
I like cookie dough better without chocolate chips.
I like cookie dough better than cookies.
I finally bought a chair for my room and I'm so happy.
I'm sitting in my chair right now.
I have a fetish for soft shirts. You know the ones with the material so light and thin and cozy that it makes you want to cuddle up. Yeah. I can't say no to a cozy shirt.
Boys are pigs, but you know what? Girls can be too. It goes both ways.
We need to all sort out our priorities.
I want a swing in my room. Or a hammock. I would make such good use of either of those.
Sometimes I think it's funny when people think I'm clueless about things but really I'm not.
I want to go sledding.
I don't believe in internet dating. Long distance, yes. Internet dating, no. 
I also do not like how many people get divorced. It makes me sad.
It makes me very hesitant about getting married in general.
Good thing I'm single. haha.
I really like being single I think. Life is all about me. 
I'm numero uno. 
I didn't mean for that to sound so selfish, it's just nice to have some time to figure myself out, ya know?
Not be defined by another person.
I like saying numero uno and numero dos. 
Sometimes I find ways I can sneak it into conversations.
Joshua Radin is my go-to music.
I love all of his music.
I want to buy some twinkle lights for my already cozy bedroom.
And I want to put the word dream on the wall.
Not that I need a reminder or anything. 
Speaking of dreams, have I ever mentioned how I have the most vivid dreams regularly?
Yeah. I'm a dreamer.
But really, doesn't this look fabulously cozy?

It's like I've been living life wrong. This will be my project next week. 
White lights in my room.
Well, rant over. I guess I will go to sleep now.

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  1. Okay. I love this whole post. I love it I love it I love it. Hooray for the random-thought posts.



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