Soo all I can seem to listen to these days is country music?..

It's like.
Country music makes you miss something or someone. 
Not even anyone in particular.
But just a feeling of missing something.
Call me crazy.
OKAY. So. 
An announcement...
I will officially be attending a concert on November 3rd...


I'm so freaking excited.
I can't even think of a concert I'd rather attend right now.

And for a moment
We made the world stand still


  1. Gosh I saw them last July! THEY ARE SO GOOD LIVE! You will LOVE them!:)

  2. i had a chance to see them open for kenny chesney a few years ago before anyone really knew who they were...i didnt go, we ate instead...i was so mad after they got big! have fun!!

  3. Oh man I listened to them play live on the radio for about two hours the other day and they are so good. I just love them and I bet they will be even more awesome in concert!

  4. GAAH! just the whole thing.. your going to a country concert in texas. I love it.

    oh.. and the person you are missing is me. and i miss you too.


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