Music Monday a day early.

Okay. It isn't Monday, but I have been waiting three days to share this song and I can't wait another minute because it is THAT good.

I am in love with every single aspect of this song.

Lost and Found - Katie Herzig

I know you left me standing there 
Out of the calm of the coldest air 
I don't believe the words you said 
But I can't find the words I want 
Oh, I can't find the words I want 

If you were gone in another life 
I don't believe I would just survive 
I could feel you next to me 
An escape from the world I'm in 
Oh, I'm afraid of the world I'm in 
One day I will see Heaven's reach 
I'll find the one who left me sleeping 
Every war was another seed 
That could feed every soul in need 
Oh, I'm worn by the war in me 

Somebody found me here 
Somebody held my breath 
Somebody saved me from the world you left 
If you're gonna cry my tears 
If you're gonna hold my breath 
If you're gonna let me see the sun you set 
Oh, I am lost and found 
Oh, I am lost and found 


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