post-thanksgiving thankfulness.

I have so much to be grateful for. It was thanksgiving last week and I didn't even take the chance to write a post on all that I have to be grateful for.

My family. I am so blessed. My family is perfect for me, and I'm pretty sure I am perfect for them. We are quirky. Maybe we do things different then a lot of families, but we love each other, and that is what is most important. I miss them terribly and I cannot wait to be back with them for Christmas.

The gospel. I don't know where I would be without the gospel in my life. All of the blessings I have can be directed back to my Father in Heaven. I am blessed with the knowledge and comfort that the gospel brings me and I am who I am because of the goodness the gospel brings into my life.

My roommates. Bailey Brooke is honestly the best roommate you could ever ask for. She makes me breakfast. She doesn't get mad when I leave things on the floor. She lets me shower first. She sprays pretty perfume that makes our room smell good. She stays up late and listens to me vent when I am frustrated and she jumps with excitement when I am happy. Becky is also a gem. She is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet and her testimony inspires me. She is so strong and her dedication to school and the gospel makes me strive to be a better person. I am so so lucky to have such amazing girls to spend all my time with and I love them both dearly.

My best friends. I have a handful of best friends. Though we are thousands of miles away from each other, I know they are always there for me and I hope they know I am there for them too. I cannot wait until we are reunited in our red onesies and share more memories together. I miss you all.

Cody Clay. Cody's dedication to his mission makes me strive to be a better person each and every day. Every time I hear from him I am reminded of the sacrifices he is making to serve our Heavenly Father. I love seeing how much he has changed and I love being able to change as well. I love his positive attitude and his love for being a missionary.

The Canadians. There are more people that I spent my time with down here in Texas besides my roomies. Matt, Sarah, Becca, and Jordi. I am so grateful for this little family I have down here to spend my time with. I love doing everything together. I love watching movies together and eating together and having FHE together and causing problems together and laughing together and studying together. Everyone combined is one of my main sources of strength.

Ohh there are so many more things I could list. I am grateful for friendship. Forgiveness. Heartache. Love. Prayers. Life. Happiness. I am so happy to be me.

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