I'm gonna miss this place.

Welll I'm going back to Texas in approximately 8-11 hours depending on when Bailey gets to leave the dentist in the morning.
Poor soul.

It was such a lovely month at home. Perfect really. 

I definitely had some moments I wish not to repeat never happened. So I am going to pretend they never happened and move on. =)

I think I grew up this month. I guess I am always growing up and yeah, I turned twenty and stuff, but in all seriousness..
 something has changed within me..
Something is not the same.. 
I'm through with playing the rules
 or someone else's gaaaamme

Okay I just had a moment and started singing that song in my head and it came through my fingers. 
For those bloggers and blogstalkers out there that didn't catch on an thought I was trying to be inspirational, I actually just accidentally just started singing Defying Gravity from Wicked. 

But really. I'm different... again. Man I keep changing huh? Word.
I freaking miss my brothers and sisters so much already I am adding three/four hours onto my thirty six hour drive so I can see Jenn and Brian again.
And I'm so excited. 
I always have a good time with my family, but this time it was different..
I have the best siblings. Seriously. I don't ever remember ever getting in a fight what my brother, ever. He has never had anything rude to say to me. He treats all his little sisters so well. 
And my sisters? Where would I be without my sisters. They have taught me so much, good and bad. =) 
And my brothers in-law. They just fit so well with our family. It's so great. I just love when everyone is altogether. 

Anyway. Besides having a blast with my family, this Christmas was special for me.
I definitely had some much needed answers to prayers... on more than one occasion.
They came in ways I wasn't expecting.
The Lord really watches out for all of His children. I'm so grateful to know that I am in his constant care.
I also really like this little thought.
Well. Enough. I like this place called home and I'm going to miss it.
I'm going to miss my parents so much. They have been way too good to me. 
Oh crap I'm going to cry all over again.

Well. Adios amigos. Wish me luck on my cross country drive. I'm gonna need it.

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  1. where in Texas do you live?
    My missionary is serving there! :)


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