ramble ramble update.

I've been slacking. I think its time for a quick rambling update on life, just for the record.

Christmas was perfect. I love my family so much. I kept having to hide in the bathroom the day my oldest sister was leaving because I kept almost crying. I don't cry. I won't even talk about the day Jenn and Brian left. I'm going to cry just thinking about it. Whats wrong with me? Who is this emotional person I have become? It's freaking me out.

Speaking of Christmas and such. Did I mention how perfect it was? In every aspect? Okay, just making sure..

I turned twenty. Steph, one of my best friends, bought me a ticket to see Beauty and the Beast on broadway. I'm lucky, I know. My two other besties Karlee and Katelyn came for the trip and we made a stop in Banff National Park and then all headed to Calgary and spent the night. After the show I got back to a birthday pizza and a decorated hotel room. How adorable right?

I have become this ridiculous bawl baby. I don't even know what happened. I didn't cry hardly all fall being thousands of miles away from my family in a strange land with strange people and strange food. Okay, just kidding its not that strange. But for serious, I break into tears over anything slightly emotional. It's humiliating. 

So, ... it's 2012. Weird. 

People start talking about how Cody's gonna be home in like a year. That also freaks me out a little bit. Time is flying people. Flying. 

I'm kinda excited to go back to Texas. I miss it a tiny bit. My apartment, although rather musty and cockroach infested, it is quaint and homey. I miss my room mates. I miss Sarah Jo. 

So even though this is so contradictory to my last statement.. I am already feeling homesick and I haven't even left. I didn't feel homesick the entire fall but now every time I think about leaving I tear up. Bawl baby. I tell ya.

Did I mention I cut my hair? Well. I didn't. Amber did and I'm so happy about it. Yep. Chopped it right off. Here is a before/after.

Jus call me a poser or something..

Best thing I ever did. Thank you Amber =)

I realized I am a socially awkward person in large social settings. Serious. Put me in a huge crowd and I kinda freak out and want to be invisible and look like an ugly duckling following around my mother when I find one person I know. Put me in a room with five people I know really well and I'm great. Comfortable. I laugh and stuff and tell jokes sometimes. Ask anyone of those five people. Just don't ask the 200 people at the ginormous party. Like I said. Duckling. A lost duckling.

I'm incredibly poor suddenly. I was always poor. I'm a student. It happens. But for some reason things just keep popping up unexpectedly. $90... $200.. $60.. $300.. these numbers just keep appearing and its really ruining my hopes and dreams of ever buying any new clothing again.

Happy New Years bloggers. New Years Resolutions.. hmm. Let's just say I'm gonna try to get into better shape and maybe cut back on my online shopping? I think that's possible. Nothing too serious. No numbers no dates set. 

Ok. I'm bored. Peace out.

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