karlee fry. karlee davidson. karlee mulan.

I have this bestie named Karlee-Fry whom I love with my whole heart. 
She has the heart of gold
She always turns the other cheek.
She always takes the high road when things get tough.
She never judges me when I tell her all of my secrets.
 She listens to me when I am sad and confused and helps me be brave when I need to be.
I trust her with everything and I love her forever. =) 
We met when we were just littluns in swimming lessons. 
We were always friends, but we became besties on a swing at girls camp when we were fourteen.
We stayed besties all through junior high and high school, and even now almost two years after we graduated, I find myself wanting to hear her giggle and sneeze like a baby and tell her my secrets. 
I love her all the same and even more.
Some say you lose touch with your friends after high school.
Not a chance.
It is her birthday this week so I am dedicating this post to her.
Sooo Karlee Fry. 
Thank you for always being a good example to me.
Thank you for always listening to me.
Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for teaching me all your beauty secrets.
Thank you for sharing your music with me.
Thank you for crying with me and laughing with me.
Thank you for screwing up with me and learning with me.
Thank you for smiling with me and growing with me.
Thank you for letting me call you my best friend.
I love you forever. =)

Happy two days away from being twenty!

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