so i ramble lots.

I feel like I'm usually pretty okay with putting my thoughts into words. 
But every once in a while, I get stuck.
I have so many things to say and so many thoughts
but I just have no idea where to start with putting them in order. 
I feel like this has happened more lately than ever.
I'm not really a fan of it. 
 I found this little gem. 
Thoughts someone else put together that seemed to fit just perfectly.
After reading this and realizing how terribly true it was, I read it again.
Then I decided it's sad how much time can be spent on one little thing
and it can seem like a difference hasn't been made.
Kinda seems like a waste. I got all depressed thinking about it.
"it will never seem like it was enough"
How sad. I think its frustrating to invest so much time into someone, to try so hard, only to have them throw it back in your face, whether it be a friend, a family member, a coworker, or someone else. 
So I looked a little harder and thought a bit more. 
Ya see. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.
So I got to thinking.
Maybe the whole purpose wasn't to have someone realize how much you cared or how much you tried,
Maybe it was a lesson you were supposed to learn about yourself.
Your determination. Your character. Your weaknesses and your strengths.
Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

Somehow, looking at it that way, makes it all seem worth it again.

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