Sometimes when I am in a grumpy mood I decide the most appropriate blog post is one that is ridiculously positive. It's true. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I figure its time to write about a bunch of super wonderful things in life right now. Maybe by the end I will forget that I was grumpy today.

My parents are coming to see me in less than two weeks.
I'm gonna pass clinic this semester.
I went to the Hunger Games and loved it!
I get to move into a new apartment in like three weeks. This means I get to live with Sarah Jo now too. (Becky shall be missed:( )
I went deep sea fishing this weekend and caught a big red snapper. And then ate it.
I have a tan.
I bought a 6 dollar neon pink bikini at Walmart and I'm so freaking happy about it.
I get Lasagna for dinner tonight.
I love my instructors.
I love my roomies.
I love watching Lost with all the Canadians.
I made new friends on the weekend.
Katelyn Remington is coming to visit me at the end of April for almost three weeks. AHH.
Justin Bieber released a song that he wrote for me. Such a kind soul.
I'm no longer lost and confused in life. Ha! =)
I have the best friends in the whole world.
Draw something is killing the battery on my ipod but I don't even care because its so fun.
I bought a new shirt.
I have the best older brother who sends the best fb messages to keep me up to date in life. I love him.
Sher and Chad invited me to Florida again. Even though I can't go, the fact that they invited me again makes me really happy. They're the best.
I realized I have enough money to finish school. It's a relief to say the least.
Jennica is graduating from BYU next month. I am just so proud of her. I wish I could go visit her and Brian but since I can't I will just have to see them an extra time in the summer.  =)
I love everything.

Okay this is working. I am officially a happy camper. 


  1. jane. i miss you. i wish i wish i wish i could come visit! a trip to texas is just what i need right now.
    ps. i'm incredibly jealous you went deep sea fishing. that's like a dream of mine!
    and... hate to break it to yeah.. but JB's song is about me. ha jk.
    also. congrats on being happy. :D

  2. so many things to say! first.. are your parents going to be in texas any of the same time as me?! they are always there on my most favorite vacation/trips. :) i like those two. second.. I want to go deep sea fishing! third.. this texas trip is the only thing keeping me sane right now! haha can't wait!
    p.s. cody is great. time is going by so fast he will be home before you know it!

  3. steph. i miss your face. it feels like we've been apart an eternity.
    come visit me whenever it works for you. I'm always here haha as for the JB song. maybe he did write it for you but dont rub it in. let me live my dream world!
    kate. noo silly you arent coming for over a month. parents coming in a week and a half. second. we will have so many things to plan for when you come. gahhhh i am so excited! =)

  4. i love posts like these :) i'm happy to hear things are good with cody :) haven't heard about him in awhile


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