half over.

Being home has been quite a treat.  
Southern Alberta has treated me well.
Quite well.
I have to say the fact that I'm going back to Texas in twelve days makes me panic a little bit. 
I've already been here for twelve, and it's gone so fast.
 I feel like I'm not quite finished with my time here. 
Hopefully the next twelve days will go perfectly. 
The last twelve have certainly had ups and downs, but despite the downs..
  the ups and the realizations I've made and the chances I've decided to take
 have made everything so worth it..  =)

I keep learning a little bit more about myself every day.
 I like that.
I'm making a list now.

1. My bed is my favorite belonging. Is that bad?
2. I love the weather here. I love that it cools down at night.
3. I like wearing jeans better than wearing shorts.
4. Having a washer and drier is so convenient. Also having a fully equipped kitchen is so convenient.
5. Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and try to win fifty bucks by running through the mud bog, because sometimes you win.
6. People don't change all that much. I'm still the same me I was when I was 12 and when I was 17. Sure, there are differences, but deep down, I have the same heart. It's just a little tougher and experienced.
7. I love my friends with all my heart.
8. I want to go back to school after I graduate from Dental Hygiene.
9. I want to be an English teacher... Surprise surprise.
10. Being straight up is the only way to be. Nothing to lose, right?
11. Random people you hardly know like to take it upon themselves to make your business their business. So not cool.
12. Life is all about adjustments.
13. Boys like to be the hero, and girls just want a hero. How convenient.
14. Summer is the best time of year.. and summer stories are always the best. =)
15. Time can pass.. from days to weeks to months to years, but some things in life just never, ever change, no matter how much you think you want them to. Some things just are the way they are.
16. Some people ya just can't trust. It's sad really.
17. Sometimes you just have to choose to find your own way for some places in life instead of following the map you created for yourself so long ago.
18. I don't care about what other people think nearly as much as I used to. It feels like heaven.
19. I'm me. I'm Jane. I tell myself not to put my heart on the line, but I always do. Can't help it.
20. Some risks will always be worth taking, no matter how many times you've taken them before.

~We Bought A Zoo


  1. The awesome thing about being a dental hygienist and an English teacher is that there aren't always a ton of openings for English teachers. It'll give you an awesome summer job or one to have if you have an employment gap!!

    I am currently an unemployed teacher and I know I'll find a job, but it would be nice to have a job in the meantime to be able to temp and make good money in the mean time.

    My two cents, sounds awesome!

  2. #17, #19 & #20.

    Why are we the same person?

    I hope you're doing great Jane, glad to see you blogging again..

    :) Have a great rest of what summer there's left!

    xoxo, Josabet


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