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I have been thinking of some things that make me sad lately because there are a lot, but I didn't want to write a post that was entirely negative so today I am writing ten things that make me sad and then ten things to make me smile to even things out. 

The Sad Stuff.
1. When someone assumes the worst.
2. When someone does something they know is stupid because they think no one cares when really, I do.
3. When a teacher tells you there is a test so you bust your back studying for it only to find out it was just a "see how well you prepare for tests" test.
4. When that teacher laughs about how frustrated everyone is for studying so hard for the nonexistent test.
5. Feeling guilty for something you shouldn't have to feel guilty about.
6. Remembering something from the past that broke your heart.
7. Headaches.
8. My pre-clinic class Wednesday mornings that has officially made Wednesdays suck.
9. Having to pee so bad in the morning that my stomach hurts. (seriously the worst start to the day)
10. Not knowing what the heck to do..

The Happy Stuff
1. There is a pool outside my apartment.. and it's not cold.
2. Realizing you made a difference in someone's life when you didn't think you did.
3. Finding a perfect song.
4. Waking up before the alarm and not being tired.
5. Having chats with lil brothers. 
6. The 9th.
7. Feeling trusted.
8. Keeping a secret that isn't yours to tell.
9. Room mate chats until the wee hours of the morning.
10. Going to bed with a smile.

Let's be done with the sad stuff please?
Thanks. It means a lot. =)


  1. Mr.Janisko did something similar today except he gave us a test and then when we finished told us it wasn't for marks he just wanted to see who's been serious about studying. We all panicked. Teachers can be so rude. Haha but I guess they usually have a point in doing what they do.

  2. number 4 on happy things. it really is a happy thing =)

  3. how are you roommates and stuff! I need an update email or something?!

  4. You always make me happy. Yes, it's true.

  5. Audra says: "your lovely!"


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