My whole life I've kind of been a bit of a stress case.
Okay that may be a little bit extreme, but I do freak out over big things.. and little things.
So yeah. A stresscase.
I used to throw up before the 100m in track.
My nails are always chewed. (Gross I know. I'm quitting.)
I often had meltdowns before big tests.
I know. It's embarrassing.
I'm doing better though I'm proud to say.
I have at least three tests every week right now.. and if I fail I get kicked out of my program.
 And I think I'm doing quite well with not getting overly stressed.
My mama would be proud.

I've been trying some of these out. 

I think a little bit of stress is good. It keeps me going and makes me finish things.
But not having too much stress has changed my whole life.
I am a happy person. =)


  1. I needed this post at the beginning of this week. But I have no doubt I'll need that list of 50 things this week as well. :)

  2. Remember that one time we said we were twins? Because in high school I threw up before every race I had at swim meets. AND I bite my nails. Awesome. :)

  3. Ughhhh I bite mine too! It really is pretty gross...I'll stop with you.

  4. my roomie handed me a paper today in sacrament meeting that had 101 ways to cope with stress haha it was pretty much the exact same.. just with a few more! maybe this is a sign that i'm going to be super stressed coming up.. if so. just shoot me


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