jus sayin.

Oh dear. I just started realizing just how soon I am actually leaving this place.. I am going to miss everything and everyone, and I am sure I will be posting more about this whole moving away situation; however, this is about why I am going to miss one particular friend.

I don't think I could ever list all of the reasons why I am going to miss you. I'll just touch on a few of the little reasons...

because we made a bucket list
because you are scared of heights
because your shoes have to match your shirt
because I have your orange hollister shirt, your blue hollister shirt, and your black superhero shirt and have no intentions of returning them, and you are okay with that
because you taught me how to smile again
because of your parks uniform
because you gave me a perfect summer
because you helped me learn how to forgive
because even though I hurt you, you were always there for me
because I now honk at people who ride their bikes on the highway
because of the innumerable occasions where I was so overwhelmed and upset that I could no longer hold back tears, and you just let me cry
because you steal away the rain, just like that
because you would drive an hour any time of day just to hang out for such a short amount of time
because as cliche as it is.. you walked in when the rest of my world walked out.. honestly
because you know all of my secrets
because you have been the best friend I ever could have asked for
because of your integrity
because you can read my mind
because of your testimony
because you are going to make the best missionary ever
because you do crazy things like bungee jump off bridges and hit the bottom and sprain your wrist..
because you almost drown me in a lake full of seaweed and fish
because you made a teleport device 
because you are so selfless
because you make the right decisions when it really counts
because I think you secretly like Charlie
because you can swallow your pride when you need to
because I've heard your real laugh
because you forgive me when I do something wrong, which is a daily occurrence
because you don't care what people think, even though I tell you that you care too much. You have certainly proved me wrong on that one
because you let me pick the movie, every time
because you have put up with everything..

I'm sorry I couldn't have been better for you, and I'm sorry I'm not perfect. Thank you for being such a good example to me in all things. Thank you for reminding me to read my scriptures and say my prayers. Thank you for reminding me that I deserve the best. I hope you know I'll never forget you.

I'll miss you more than you even know, but I'm glad I was lucky enough to be called your best friend for as long as I was. I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world. :)
However hard it is to say goodbye, it was worth it.

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