Little Letters

Okay, so Little Miss Michelle did a post just like this a ways back, and since SO much has been going on, this is really all I can come up with.. so thank you Michelle for being inspired by.. Taza?

dear silk pillow case:
thank you for being so shiny, but i would appreciate it if you would stop sliding off my bed while i sleep.

dear cap'n crunch:
thank you for being so happy to live right underneath my bed, and thank you for staying crunchy, even in milk.

dear 8:30 church:
maybe consider not coming so fast? but thank you for giving me the entire day to relax.

dear new cell phone:
why are you so complicated?

dear room mate Tessa:
thank you for being okay when i leave my sunday shoes in the middle of the floor, and thanks for leaving yours there too. i feel so much more at home with you :)

dear fhe group:
hahahahahahah. thank you for sharing this special day with me, and thank you for being so discreet and for all being able to read each other's minds..

dear BYU campus:
you are huge.. in case you didn't know? please please help me find my way to my classes tomorrow.

dear roland:
im really starting to love you. please don't die from consumption of too many watermelon seeds?

dear subway girls:
you're almost finished! just a few more weekends. don't give up! and have a lovely day at school tomorrow! i miss you most dearly!.. OH. and Elder C. Heninger told me to say hello from him to all of you, and sends his love. :)

dear just one perfect summer day:
i guess you didn't happen. i hoped you would, just once.. but thats okay. maybe another time.

dear best friend:
don't kiss that one person. you'll regret it..
oh. and i miss you.

dear sweet kind blonde girl whom i finally met:
you are lovely, and i hope we can be just the greatest of friends now and i hope hope hope you know that i think very highly of you, no matter what everyone else says.

dear sizzle d:
i miss you more than you know. and maybe eat one of everything today, just for me.

dear mail:
please travel fast..

dear BYU:
stop blocking michelle's blog. it is a good thing, i promise. there is no need to hide it from everyone.

dear tifuls:
watching chick flicks and eating space pops isn't the same without you here by my side.

dear all roomates:
thank you for not being crazy? :)

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