simply a hoarder??


Okay.. so I'm sure everyone has heard of this show.  If not.. here is a little description..

Each 60-minute episode of Hoarders is a fascinating look inside the lives of two different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.

I've watched it and every single time I think to myself, these people are crazy. Today, as I continued the epic journey of packing up my room, I realized maybe I'm crazy too. This is super embarrassing.. but here is a list of some of the ridiculous things I found that I simply haven't been able to part with.. some are quite obvious as to why I kept them, but some not so much. Maybe you'll read some and know exactly why I kept them..

a letter from "Great Fetcher"
a mini metal horse shoe
picture from the day at lions park with the plastic baseball and bat..
a "Janeen Appreciation Day" poster
a card from a gift I received at grad
pictures from... the canal
1001 ways to be romantic
To Kill a Mockingbird
a heart necklace. x3
a yellow box with mini jewelry box inside
a note that I found under a rock under the stairs under the balcony
dance medals
track ribbons
a red tootsie roll sucker wrapper.. x2304923 (just kidding)
a silver bracelet with waves on it
lindor chocolate label
a red phone
a toy phone
a krzr
my pink quilt.. (which is actually my second baby blanket because my mom finally threw away my first one because it had to be carrying some sort of strange disease..)
trident tropical twist
a few pieces of mint mojito gum
a dried yellow rose
my poetry book from grade eight
a giant teddy bear
another giant blue teddy bear
another teddy bear named Lucy
words of the day
my English glossary
Jane's perfect evening, by Spring
one tequila.. two tequila... etc...
underwater kissing pictures
a little note stating that I have sexy toenails..
my grad corsage

Okay. I have to stop. You get the picture? Yes. I save everything!! Okay, so maybe I'm not on the verge of a personal crisis, but this packing business has been a way bigger deal then I anticipated. My wonderful mother has been helping me pack.. and helping me throw away useless junk for hours the past couple days. She just sits there and laughs. I haven't realized how ridiculously sentimental I am. I think I always had a bit of an idea.. but this has been very eye opening. Please don't report me to Hoarders, as the situation is now completely under control.

Instead of freaking out about why the heck I save this kind of stuff, I realized I truly am just nostalgic. Sentimental. I honestly enjoy the tiny little things that were able to bring a smile to my face. You know what? They still make me smile. As long as I can occasionally dejunk like I have been, I think I can stray from a personal crisis. :)

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  1. "great fetcher"... how jealous i was of you. haha.


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