Apparently I'm not very tech-savvy.

I don't consider myself tech-savvy. I never have. I'm not that great on computers and to be honest it took me beyond hours to even figure out how to work this blog. My computer isn't organized very well and sometimes I get confused on it, but I'm smart enough to figure things out, for the most part. I grew up on computers and my mom thinks I'm great. Sure, I can type fast. I can download stuff. I can navigate around.. my mom thinks I'm brilliant. I disagree, but whatever. I know enough that I can generally figure things out; however, in the past week, I have never encountered more technical problems online. Take a look.

I have to use CourseCompass for my online courses. I figured it out, paid for it, it worked for a week, and then this started happening.
Authentication failed? What? Try again later? I have tried every day for two and a half weeks. No problem, I'll click "Forgot login name/password" link and reset my information.


Awesome. I don't exist. 
No problem, I'll just "Contact the Pearson Education Support team." Give them a piece of my mind.
Wrong again.

Okkaay.. Guess I won't be contacting anyone about that.

 As you can see, I was rather frustrated as I get points deducted for not using this website. I don't wanna talk about it. 

So today I woke up to an email from UPS. Awesome. 
A parcel? For me? Wait.. I didn't order anything but apparently my parcel has been shipped. 
(Yes, I posted my tracking number publically. Doesn't matter when it doesn't work. Someone. A hacker. Please try and hack into UPS and find out what my parcel is.)

That's fine.. I'll just view more details about my parcel in the attachment as it says to do.
I click the attachment and..

Awesome.. my computer doesn't like the file.

So. Being the problem solver I am.. I'll just go to the UPS website and try to use the password they gave me.

I didn't think that looked like a real tracking number, but it was the only one I got.
Stuck again. I'll just email the UPS support and tell them of my problem.


Seriously. This is all happening. Am I really that horrible with technology??!! 
This is just happening on the internet. I couldn't take photos of the answering machines I've been transferred to and the number of times I've been put on hold only to have it get disconnected after 35 minutes.

Apparently I'm not cut out for modern society.


  1. frustrating!!! i can't imagine how irked you feel.

  2. That's terrible!! Pretty sure you're not the one who has issues with technology. Looks like technology is just having some major issues of its own.

  3. Oh sweetie!!! I'm horrible with technology too!

  4. urrrghhh! this made me laugh, but I know how you feel! Pretty sure the UPS one may have been spam... but the other thing about your online course is retarded, did you google to find a helpline for that company??? or something like that? x

  5. God that really sucks! Hope it all works out for you in the end though


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