Okay world. Story. 
Yellow used to be my least favorite color.
I never owned anything yellow.
I never bought anything yellow.
I never ate anything yellow.
Okay that last one is a lie. But you get my point.
 Up until about a year and five months ago.
Then I loved yellow. I bought a yellow sweater. I even wrote a blog post about it.
I fell in love with yellow roses.
I got a yellow rose for Valentine's day.
I bought a yellow cardigan.
I bought a yellow shirt.
I bought a yellow bow for my hair.
Do you know why? 
I didn't really notice when it all happened.
But I have it all figured out now.
It's because yellow is the epitome of happiness if you ask me.
And seventeen months ago, I found happiness. 
Even if it took me until more recently to figure that out.
Here is my happiness approximately seventeen months ago.
Yellow bow. Yellow shirt. Big smile. 
(The yellow headband on Karlee's head is mine too.)

Bliss. Right?
Well. Recently, a dear dear closest loving wonderful best friend of mine who knows my love of the color yellow reminded me of a song.
I used to like this song a lot..
Yellow, by Coldplay. 
Naturally, I am obsessed once again.
Even more this time.
oh, and the color yellow?
 It's still my favorite.

Do ya know?
 You know I love you so.


  1. the colour yellow is pretty awesome. i've definitely had a blog post dedicated to it before. it just makes me happy to see and eat! also, yellow is kinda my favourite song ever. haha

  2. i love yellow too! my question is this: "why do yellow candies make people not happy?" they taste like lemon or just gross. except bananas. cute post.

  3. yellow! I love that song too. Man I don't think i got that one off your computer haha

  4. this is cute. and i love it. and i love yellow too!

  5. Agreed! I'm a lover of YELLOW. :)


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