Egg is the weirdest word. say it. egg. egg. egg.

one day, this will all just be a memory..

let your memories grow stronger and stronger, til they're before your eyes..
Regina Spektor - The Call
is it so bad to be in love with a memory of you, smiling back at me..
The Kiss - Tristan Prettyman

So.. bad news..
 you know how sometimes if you say a word too many times 
or think about it too much it suddenly just stops being a word and it just gets all weird?
just did that for me.

I had something all inspirational to post at the end of this, and now it has just been replaced with 
memory.. MEMory.. memORy. memorYY.. 
its not a word, is it?
Egg. Egg. Egg.. bleehhhhh.
Plunk. (That was for Spring. =) )


  1. Gosh you make me laugh. All the time! Hahaha.

  2. how do you get this "reactions" thing on your blog!?!?!? I LOVE IT!

  3. YES! hahaha thank you. PHEWF. Now text me so we can go to firestone.


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