I believe in Fairies.

So, when I missed the Magrath ballet production of The Little Mermaid last year, I was a wee bit upset. I heard so many great things about it. I officially decided I would be attending their next production... 
no matter what.
 Steph wanted to as well. Perfect.
Later, I found out that three girls that I danced with when I was in high school had started taking lessons in Magrath as well. All the more reason to go watch, right?
Here I am, exactly one year later to the day, and I did it.
And I am so impressed. 
Beyond impressed. 
I feel like I just watched a professional ballet, and I'm not even exaggerating.
Just so everyone knows.
Their production was Peter Pan.
It was magical. So many sparkles.
Honestly, they even flew and stuff.
Their technique was incredible.
The entire thing was just so creative. I was completely drawn in the entire show.
They were in character the entire time.. even during blackouts.
I had perma-shivers.
I even cried.

Did I mention they flew?!

(I didn't take any pictures. I would have felt so creepy. I guess you just don't get to see any pictures of how amazing it was. Go to their production next June and see for yourself.)

And you know what else I noticed?
No matter who you were,
you had an important part.
No matter what your role was,
it was an important one.
Everyone was so fabulous.
Everyone was their best.
Everyone felt good about themselves.

I think thats how life should be.


  1. oh man i'm so sad i missed it :(

  2. I missed it too but heard ALL about it! I'm proud of my little town haha.


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