a picta or two.

Soo my family got family pictures for the first time for as long as I can remember over the Christmas break. 
Unfortunately.. all of the photos are in my mother's hands and she is slightly computer illiterate and hasn't sent me copies.. but she is getting there. She has managed to send me a couple at this point, so I am going to share them because they make me happy and because I miss my family a lot today.

Thanks to Ashley Bennett for being our photographer! All photo credit goes to her! =)

I love my sisters. They are the best.

I loveeeee my family. This makes me want to rewind back to Christmas. Or perhaps fast forward to the next Christmas we are all together. Which will possibly be Christmas 2013. 
Ahhh yes. That will be a lovely Christmas I believe.
Well folks thats all. 


  1. family pics! love it, even though we are all super pasty! christmas was the best. hopefully we can all get together this summer or something. miss u!

  2. Hey, my name is ceanna and I came acrossed your blog and I thought it was really cool. You are really pretty. I am now clicking follower stuff.
    well not now but after this comment.



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