the early bird gets the nicest butt.

I solemnly swear to blog more often. I'm surprised I haven't lost any followers. Special shout out to Carson for his text this morning reminding me of this blog.
Jane! I went onto your blog for the first time expecting to see some new blog posts. But nope! #slacker

I don't know what my deal is. I feel weird blogging. I think I've changed a lot lately.
Maybe I got tired of people knowing everything.
Whatever it is, I kind of miss blogging. So my blog may be different as of now and my posts might be a lot different than they were in the past..
but I think I am back. Hopefully.

I started this crazy thing where I work out at 5:00 am three mornings a week.
Take a moment to digest that people.
I don't do stuff like this.
Back in the day when I took dance.. we had an early morning stretch class. Once a week. At .. 6:30? Does anyone remember?
Anyway. Every Wednesday I had an inward battle. Debated not going. Debated running away. Debated quitting dance. Debated crashing my car.. dying.. breaking my legs.. ANYTHING. It was the hardest thing ever for some reason.
I do believe it has prepared me for this time in my life though.
I did discover in the summer that I can be, in fact, a morning person.. but 5:00am is pushing it. 
Not to mention that early to get up and sweat your face off and feel like dying is really pushing it.
I attend a fitness class at La Sierra with Nora Estrada.
Yeah. Thats her. 
She's a babe... and she makes me wanna be a babe.
It all started when I did this crazy thing called a 10km run a week after being here. Heres pictures to prove it.


Afterrrr =)

Anyway. I met all these La Sierra ladies because Sarah went and worked out with them last semester and they were there and she was there and well. You know how it goes. I saw this lady Nora. Found out how old she was and died when I realized her butt was nicer than mine.
The day I turned twenty, my butt started sliding down lower and lower to my thighs.
It scared me a little bit.
I'm just being honest. So I vowed it was time to make a change.
I decided to meet Nora.
Its been three weeks and I'm still alive.
Anyway, I love her. I hate her though. But mostly I love her.
Thats news. 


  1. good ole zumba. best thing ever!

  2. haha i actually haven't gone to any of her zumba classes yet! Just the personal training ones. but I've heard she's really good though... and someday I will start those as well haha =)


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