puppy please?

Awwww crap. I'm blogging again. I am starting to see a pattern.

Today was a bad day. Starting with sleeping through my morning work out.. to Sarah pounding on my window....
and waking up from a terrible wonderful dream..
You know when you wake up late and you are all panicked? Its stressful. I feel like its a minor heart attack. 
So like... I was panicked from waking up late, scared from Sarah breaking in my window, confused about my dream and super grumpy because I wasn't ready for the dream to end annnnd tired because I only slept three hours.
Waking up from good dreams is the worst.
Then clinic sucked. No, I sucked.
I started having all these doubts. 
Do I really wanna spend my life cleaning teeth?
Do I really wanna wear scrubs to work every day?
Do I really wanna be in a dentist office every day?
What about travelling. I love to travel. 
How about I be a gypsy? This thought keeps returning.
I could totally just run away with someone and travel the world forever.
Never come back?
But then I'd miss my family I guess.
What about kids. I love kids.
I want to be a teacher.
Or maybe not.
I wanna write a book.
I wanna move away.
I don't wanna be here.
But I do love it here.
What about Carly Rae Jepsen? I wanna be famous like her and hang out with the Biebs.
I wanna have blonde hair for one day... but not ruin my own hair in the process.
I miss my long hair but I hated it.

Bad days make me question everything.
I know life is about well.
figuring out what you want.
Realizing if its right, and readjusting.. trying again.
And I have a feeling my life is going to require a lot more adjustments before I figure it out.
Well, today I don't know.
I'll finish school. Duh.
But seriously.
All I know is I'm lonely and I want a puppy to snuggle.

So cute.

And if I could have a repeat of my dream last night I wouldn't be mad.
In fact, that would be quite lovely.


  1. I miss my long hair too, even though I hated it most of the time.
    I know how you feel on a lot of this. I ask myself these questions all the time.
    Just remember finishing school doesn't mean you have to spend your life cleaning teeth, it doesn't mean you can't write and book and it doesn't mean you can't travel.
    Remembering things like that always make me feel better...


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