love month.

Well its February. Meaning its Love month. Since I didn't exactly celebrate Valentine's day this year, I'm just going to make a list of some of the things I love about life right now. There are a lot. Starting with this Valentines day gift I bought myself... a new swimming suit. =)

I love the fact that I can suntan in February.
I love online shopping... your clothes come right to your door.
I love cruising through the Military Academy.
I love being able to sleep in as late as I want on Mondays.
I love school right now.
I freaking love scraping calculus off of teeth.
I love my polka dot swimming suit.
I love that my hair is easy to do now.
I love texts from my parents.
I love getting letters.
I love the Wesmer Drive In theater.
I love that the beach is so close.
I love that spring break is in just over three weeks.
I love that my bestie Kate is coming to visit me in May.
I love that I can say.. "I'm graduating next year"
I love that I'm not homesick.
I love that I am actually enjoying learning.
I love playing the piano for the Primary kids.
I love painting my nails.
I love my H6/7.
I love that we say things such as.. "if I was an instrument.. I'd be the *insert instrument name*"
I love sleeping with the fan up really high.
I love when the shower doesn't have bugs in it in the morning.
I love the feeling of coming home after working out and being able to fall back asleep.
I love when Karen yells.."PEACHY!" after Nora asks how we are doing.
I love saying y'all.
I love my family.
I love everyone who is like family to me.
I love choosing the yellow exercise ball.
I love those little pretzyl things Bailey made for Valentine's day.
I love how the last six times I've gone to a movie theater, I've got the seat behind the bar, allowing me the luxury of putting my feet up. I love that thing.
I love having a fridge full of groceries.
I love that I still have a huge supply of Bicks Dill Pickles from Canada because my mom made me get one extra jar before I came.
I love the mini bags of Old Dutch S&V and Ketchup chips hiding in my closet.

I love that I'm going to take a nap right now instead of studying. Happy Love month blog world.


  1. .. I didn't know you lived close to a military academy.. :) I CAN"T WAIT TO COME TO TEXAS!

  2. i LOVE your swimming suit! where is it from! and i love that you love so many things right now! we should talk this weekend cause we aren't doing anything!


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