The Canadian Beach.

Today. I spent hours on a beach. I can't express how much I truly love the beach. I've been to many of them, and I've found that no matter where I am, I love it. Today I am in Powell River, British Columbia. The beach is a little bit different than Daytona Beach or Clearwater Beach in Florida. It is a little bit different than the beach behind my resort in Puerta Vallarta. This was a beach in CANADA. Yes, Canada still has beaches. You know what else? It even has star fish and sand dollars . It was sandy, and the water was warm. Who wouldda thought? I even got a sun tan. I love Canada.

Canada Day was a few days back, and I didn't even mention it. How patriotic is that? I'm slightly embarrassed. I am Canadian! I love Canada and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else... Yes. I am moving to Provo in a few weeks here, but Canada is home and this is where I want to end up. I love that we had a snow storm just over a month ago. I love that school gets cancelled when we have four feet of snow (not 1 centimeter :) ) I love that we use the metric system and I love that our money is colorful. I love that we understand that we, too, have nickels and dimes and quarters, just like the United States. Working in Waterton exposes me to many people from other countries and I am always surprised to find how ignorant some are about Canada. I love that we don't just study Canada at school, but we study Japan, and China, and Brazil, and the USA.. point made. I love that our school curriculum is so hard that people say maybe I don't need to worry for my first year of sciences in the states because it will be generally review. I love that we are known for saying "eh" even though I have never used that word in every day speech. I love that when we tell other people that as soon as you hit the Canadian border you will be greeted by a dog sled that will carry you through a blizzard to your igloo.. in July, and they will believe it. I love that people are surprised when we tell them that we actually have hot weather in the summer. I love that we have provinces, and I love that we have two official languages. Where would I be without ketchup chips? And what about our chocolate? It truly does taste better here. And of course.. where would I be without my lulus...?

Thank you Canada, for giving me everything! 

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  1. Of course we would write a Canada post on the same day wouldn't we. I LOVED THISSSSS! Canada is the best!


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