drumroll please

Today.. I am all smiles. For so many reasons. Mainly two. Or five I guess..

Part I-IV
I have these friends. There are a bunch of them. I haven't known them for long, but they have each become so important to me in their own ways. Maybe I sort of like to think of them as all my big brothers in a sense? I love them all to death. 
Anyway. They have already started heading their separate ways. One has paved the way and has already started his journey to the Baguio, Philippines Mission. Carson will fit in there as much as he will stand out you know. Those people are so kind, just like him. Maybe they are a little bit shorter though. :)  Surprising because he got his call last of the remaining three, but Cody is going to be next! In 40 days,  he will reporting to the MTC to prepare to serve the San Juan, Puerto Rico Mission. Spanish speaking. I'm pretty sure that was a given. He will love those people so much; I can already tell. Next is going to be Tyson following Cody just a week later! The Halifax, Nova Scotia Mission awaits him. What a beautiful thing to be able to serve in Canada! I have to say, I am slightly jealous. The east coast is beautiful. Last but certainly not least, Jord will be headed to the Charleston, West Virginia Mission. Perfect, right? Early to bed, early to rise. I'm sure his West Virginian accent has already started.  Oh what a happy time it has been waiting for this to happen. What a crazy, hard, painful, beautiful, exciting, and unforgettable year it has been. None of that matters anymore. What matters now is that these boys are going to be some of the finest missionaries you will ever meet. :) Congratulations to all of you!

Part V
This year I had a goal. I made in the first period of the first class of the first day of Grade 12. Yesterday, I was informed that I reached this goal. I wish I could say it was a piece of cake, but it wasn't. I worked my freaking butt off for that. I am pleased to announce it was a pleasure, and well worth it!

There you have it. Life is simply sensational.

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