There's this girl I know.

If this little brilliant phrase reminded me of her, you must know she is something special. I miss her. I guess you could say we have a summer romance. Minus the romantic part. Sometimes I follow her around like a little puppy dog. She kinda bosses me around, and I let her. We both know its not because I'm a push over. It's really because I only have a few months a year with this girl. We live in the same town and go to the same school, but there is something about the months of May through September (not anymore :( ) that are dedicated to just the two of us I guess. Sometimes she gets sick when she sits in the sun too long. I appreciate her sitting with me for as long as she can. Sometimes she forgets to do her dishes, but I don't mind as much as when everyone else forgets. I just do them for her if I notice. That's just because she's special. Sometimes we like to sit on her bed, the bed that used to be mine, and look out the window listening to my "chill" playlist. Because we are chill maybe? I tell this girl so many things you know. Even things I swear I am not going to tell. She has good taste in music. Good, meaning she likes the same music as I do. We go through these phases where we both fall in love with one song, and we play it over so many times that everyone else wants to kill it. Everyone else mostly meaning Kate. (I love that girl too. I love all my room mates, but today this is just about this one girl.) Sometimes when we pretend we are fighting, it turns into a silent treatment. This make me sad even though they are sometimes funny. Everyone will think we are mad, but we will look at each other and she will wink. And I will smile right back. We used to eat Mr. Noodles together on a daily basis. Then it changed to pizza subs, and now it is Aquafina Vitamin Plus. We're kind of getting healthy I guess you could say. She kind of becomes my other half a little bit. About a week ago we worked every single shift together for what, 5 days straight? Our time off was spent together as well as we ventured to Cardston or Magrath or even just the docks.  It's been a week since I've seen my favorite Sizzle D, and I miss her.

I'm coming home soon. :)

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  1. awwww I love her too. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun!


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