This summer I have been lucky enough to live with six of the greatest girls you will ever meet. I honestly love them all to death, and I'm so happy I have had the chance to get to know these girls before I leave.

Baby Brooks
I love your crazy photography skills. Seriously? You have such a talent. I love how you are so laid back and are cool with just chilling.. with whoever, wherever, and doing whatever. I love that you are only fifteen, but I always forget. I love how you look so cute all the time, and whether or not you believe it, you really don't need to wear make up because you are absolutely beautiful. I love your high pitched little squeal. I love how tight you are with your family. I'm so happy I had the chance to get to know you this summer!

I've known you for how many years? Maybe five? But never ever ever ever have I actually been around you. You are seriously hilarious. I love how blunt you are, and I love how you aren't scared to stand up for yourself and that you aren't even close to being a pushover. I find you truly inspiring.. hahaha. I love your crazy hair that no longer stays straight..ever. I love your sweet black girl music. It suits you.  :) I love how you sniffle all the time and how your allergies are so terrible that mine seem to be not so bad.. I love how long you sleep for, and how you have to do something super fun every night.. no matter what!

Ya, like Krem 2 news from Spokane. I love that you are my bfffff. Really. And that we get to live together every summer. I love how you are so beautiful, no matter what. I've kinda written about you before on my blog, but thats okay. I love how you really do clean up after yourself real good. You will have one lucky room mate! I love how you are so adventurous and that you sometimes inspire me to not be anti-social and get off my bed and go hang out with people. I love that you are such a hard worker, and whenever I see that I'm scheduled to work with you I get a little bit extra excited.. because sometimes we just need some time together to catch up on life..

I've also written about you before, but thats okay. I love that you can actually miss a night's sleep and work an eight hour shift the next day and be totally fine. I love that we can look up crazy youtube movies and watch them over and over and still laugh about them. I love that you love turkey subs as much as I do, and that you agree that sometimes it's okay to just sit in bed and listen to music. I love that you listen to music really loud while you shower. I love that you let me use your speakers so I can listen to music really loud while I shower too. I love that you make the best mac and cheese in the whole world.

I love that you can draw so great. I love that you insist that everyone can draw, and that it's not hard. You are so humble. Honestly? It's hard. You are truly talented. I love that you are Canadian and American at the same time. I love that you always wake up so early to get ready for church. I love your cute dresses and shoes and that the quantity of your wardrobe here far surpasses the rest of ours. Probably most of ours combined. I love that you are so willing to let everyone borrow your clothes too... and your milk. Thank you for always having milk in the fridge.. :)

You are such a sweetheart. I love that you get so excited about everything in everyones life. I love which team you are on :). I love that you have so much faith. I love seeing you study your scriptures and I love how you read them to me when you find a good verse about missionaries, or another other verse you think I might like. I love how you can tell when I'm sad, and how you will just crawl into bed with me and let me cry. I love how you genuinely care so much about other people that when they are sad, so are you. That's a gift you know. I love that you took my advice about your school schedule next year. It will be so worth it.... ;)

These are my best friends today. Yes, I have a lot of best friends, but these are the girls I live with, eat beside, work with, and share everything with. These are the girls that I will remember from this summer for the rest of my life. These are the girls I will miss terribly when I move away. This summer has been lovely, hasn't it? :)

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