Suddenly July is ending. It has been here before, and it sneaks away.. every single time. It hid from me for so long, and then before I even saw it coming, it crept right back under my nose once again with its incredible heat and shattering thunderstorms.. and it is just about to leave. July is beautiful. July has meant so many things before. I believe July is the time when I started a new sort of list. July Favorites.. thanks to Spring.  I found my list today from last July. It contained so many things. Things that brought smiles to my face, immediately followed by a prickling of pain deep inside of me.

There was 
the day I dedicated to memorizing every single word to Paper Planes by M.I.A.
the time Kaylee drew me a picture
the dream about the Cardston Parade
the soaping of a heart
the popsicle date
the terrible movie
the boys who played polo
the man who ordered thirty footlong tuna subs during lunch rush
the night at the Prince with Kaylee and Tycee
the one night I went running
the fireworks. and not being able to yell the colors out because I was laughing too hard.
the underwater camera
the stories
the obsession with double chocolate chip cookies
the swing
the lack of a perfect evening
the discovery of a perfect evening
the night Kaylee read from her quote box for hours
the epic failure of learning how to drive a standard
the haiku
the diet coke
the greyhound bus 
the phone calls
the carefree atmosphere
the ability to stray from worrying
the road trip to Echo
the weak knees
the spinning
the shift from you know where
the earthquake dreams, nonstop
the lightning

There are so many more. So many more favorites from this memorable month of magic. For some it was full of firsts. For some it was about peaches and rain.  For some it was about work, and others about play. Some fell in love, and some hearts were shattered into tiny pieces.  Some lost themselves I'm sure. I was lucky enough to be among the people who discovered themselves for the first time, ever.

It was July. It happened. It was real.. and it was simply beautiful. 

I spent the majority of the year longing. Not only for last July, but all the July's of my past. I neglected to realize that July is July, no matter what the situation is and no matter who you spend it with. 

"In the depths of winter, I finally learned there was, in me, an invincible summer.." - Papertissue

I think it is only right that I make a list of new July favorites. This July has been so incredibly different than last July. It hasn't failed to create bulletproof memories. New memories.. not to replace, but to add to the others.

There was...
the night on the docks
the purple comforter
the fireworks
the shut down
the epic cleaning rage
the boys from the Philippines
the missionary letter
the times I got better at driving a standard.. sort of..
the day I was informed of my achieved goal
the letter
the picture Kate drew for the bulletin board
the week I spent with Katy
the reply to the letter
the perfect day at the Stampede
the mission call
the rain storms
the water fight
the day I watched Eclipse
the first time Sydnee and I didn't wake up in the morning for our shift
the second time Sydnee and I didn't wake up in the morning for our shift
the day I finally watched Annapolis
the night I washed away my problems, for good
the day I met my room mate, Sarah
the day I let go
the stargazing
the time I hid all the dishes in the kitchen because I was tired of washing them
the day I made that terrible discovery
the day Bailey rubbed my back while I cried
the soccer nets
the San Fran hoodie
the day I realized I was jealous, and understood why.

July? I know you always come back, but please slow down.. I don't know what I will do when you are gone again..

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