Well. I have finished four out of my nine finals for the semester. I have five more in the next three days. I should have spent the weekend studying. Right now I should be stressed out or reviewing notes or maybe even getting ready for bed. I should be cramming. I should be making flash cards or frantically searching for answers...... but for some reason.. 
all I can think about right now is how wonderful life would be if I were... 

a gypsy
How truly fabulous. Travelling the world from place to place. Dancing in the streets. Running away from everything. I would for sure run away to Europe. The streets of London are calling my name I believe. And then to Spain. And Ireland. I have always wanted to see Whales. Scotland. Ahhhh so much freedom? Seriously. Imagine that.

or a professional ballerina.
Imagine the calloused feet and aching joints. Or the incredibly toned muscles and the inner and outer strength that would be achieved. Imagine the blood, sweat, and tears. Imagine the complete gratification of being able to be apart of moving art and inspiring amateur dancers such as myself to become great. Ahhh how wonderfully fulfilling.

or a writer
Hiding deep in the streets of Manhattan. 
Perhaps aching to be published in the copious columns of big time NY magazines. 
Or maybe just striving to become that delicious book discovered in the corner of an antique store, seventy five years from now. Or maybe just living off of that thrill of knowing that someone likes what you have to say.

Perhaps in another lifetime.


  1. I would be more than happy to be a gypsy with you. Even just for a few months, when we are both done with school, and have little to no money. Lets go by gypsies. :)

  2. I love the ballet part. I needed a little inspiration for this last week of testing in ballet. thank you for that! and you could easily be a writer I decided. You should do that, definitely. I'd read your book fo sho.


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