fam jam

I can't believe I've been home for practically ten whole days. Where does the time go? Oh wait. It goes extremely fast when you sleep 18/24 hours in a day. Just kidding, not quite that much. Good news. The swelling increased.. then decreased.

 Now that I can open my mouth approximately wide enough for one and a half fingers by day four, I think I am done with photos. Plus I think the swelling is going down. 
Yay me. Anyway. Now thats over..
Just a small thought.
I went to the high school basketball game tonight. It was the final, and they won. Yay. Go Cougars.
However, more than the game, I found myself watching the crowd. The students. The cheerleaders. As Karlee and I wandered into the gathering area I loved seeing the posters on the walls, the event calendar, the everything. I couldn't help but feel a tiny pang of nostalgia hiding deep in my heart.
I kinda miss high school, ya know?
I wouldn't go back, but I do miss the simplicity of life at that time.
I always had a boyfriend to kiss me goodnight.
I always had a bestie by my side.
I always had somewhere to be or a party to go to.
Serious. That was the life.
But then I remember how much has changed for me since high school.
 If I was still in high school, I'd be missing out.
You see, back then..
I didn't get along with my parents as well
(I had a curfew. Bleh.)
I didn't know where my life was headed.
I didn't have as strong of testimony of the gospel.
I didn't know how to study for a test. (haha seriously though)
I didn't know what love felt like.

I suppose graduating and moving on with life has been most definitely beneficial. 

 I've found I just love being home. Not necessarily doing anything but just being here. I've had some lovely times with some wonderful friends. Karlee has been a saint, as I have mentioned before.. running around for me and even sitting in my bed while I sleep. Love her. Also, I even spent an evening with my roomie Bailey . We must actually like each other and not just live together. It was nice to catch up for sure. Going from spending 24 hours a day with someone to zero is quite a jump.
 But my favorite times have been spent with my familyies. =) 
They have been the happiest to see me you know. 
And I am the happiest to see them.
I am happy they are all doing well. 
I love them. All of them.
And I am happy to be able to see them all again for another three ish weeks.
And then again after that, forever.

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