Holy crap. 
I miss Cody.
A lot.

Here are some reasons why I miss my bestie.
Because he came with me to Vegas.

Because he is so much fun.

 Because he loves me even when I'm ugly.

 Because of his aviators. =)

Because he takes pictures with me on photobooth.
Lots of pictures. 

 Because he took me to a flames game when I smelled like Subway.

 Because he also loves the happiest place on earth.

 Because of the early morning visits. Because of how much he loved to lift me up. Because of how he made Carson take a video of this before he left.

 Because he likes to act cool when in reality he was trying really hard not to smile.

 Because he came to visit me at BYU after a week because he missed me already.

Because we visited temple square together and the whole time he tried to hold my hand but I wouldn't let him for some silly reason.

 Because my family loves him and because he loves my family.

Because this is hiding in the Waterton Apt. Oopsie. =)

 Because he has been gone for so long but he still loves me a whole lot.

 Because he looks real good as a missionary.


  1. Wow. You two are too cute together! I am loving that pic of you in the Puerto Rico shirt.

  2. that is so cool that he is a missionary


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