post wisdom.

Well. I'm officially 4x less wise. It wasn't as terrible as I expected. I have heard so many horror stories about puffing up like a chipmunk or passing out or being all out of it after, ya know? Nope. I mean. The whole thing is kind of creepy more than anything. Listening to them cauterize your flesh... remove some bone... slice your tooth.. hear the Sharpeys Fibres breaking.. and knowing that your deformed third molar is sliding right out of the alveolar bone?
I know I was out of it because of the laughing gas, but the entire time I just wanted to watch. Lucky work experience kid who got to watch the whole event. I came home and watched some videos on youtube. I suppose it will have to suffice.
I guess hygiene school will do that to ya. Getting all curious. Feeling all smart.
Yeah. It's creepier than anything. I thought the worst part was getting a second set of X-rays that set off my gag reflexes.. severely.. I won't go into details. Now that I am home and the delight of nitrous oxide has worn off, I do feel slightly crappy.  Not swollen though.. okay maybe a bit haha but not too bad.
I was also lucky enough to have my bestie Karlee take care of me. She picked me up and took me to get my drugs and got me ice packs and layed in bed alllll day and watched movies and made sure I took my T3s at the right time. What a saint.
Truth is, I'm kind of bored. It's hard not to be able to talk as much as I want. My brain feels fine and I'm not tired or anything. Mostly I just wanna go play... until I sneeze. Then I want to chop my head off.
Overall, it was a good day.
I like life ya know? I am feeling good. Positive. 
Which is good because for a while there things were a little clouded.
I guess they say a feeling of doubt and insecurity means something isn't right.
Well. Things are right again I think. Because I feel calm for the first time in quite a few days.
Sometimes I forget how simple life is if you let it be.
Excuse my ramblings.
Here's a little visual of post wisdom teeth extraction.
I couldn't smile any more.

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