new leaf.

I've written three different posts and just saved them into my drafts in the past few days. All I can come up with to share is that I'm still a little girl and I have no idea what I want in life. I can hardly pick out my clothes anymore. I used to be a great decision maker .. I think.. but now I am a decision avoider. Probably due to the fact that I keep making bad decisions. I'm a different person than I was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, and even a day ago. Every day small events take place that are constantly shaping who I am and who I am becoming. Every day I change a little bit more and more. I think it's a good thing. For starters, I don't like people knowing things about my personal life. I used to broadcast so much it's embarrassing. I ask myself why I did that. Sometimes I forget people even read this thing.  Forgive me.. and I'm starting fresh. I'd start a new blog but thats lame and embarrassing. So, instead, I'm asking you to let me start over and don't judge me due to things I've said in the past.

Let me introduce myself.
I'm Jane. I'm turning twenty this month and that scares me. I am currently taking a fast track Dental Hygiene program in South Texas. Do I want to spend my life being a Dental Hygienist? No, not really. But maybe? I have no clue. Of course, I'll finish my program. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I'll work, make some money, but I think after that, maybe I will move to Ecuador and save lives. Or maybe I will be a gypsy. Maybe I will take piano lessons again, or singing lessons. Maybe I will serve a mission. Maybe I will go back to University and become a teacher too. Maybe I will get married and have six kids. Maybe I won't though. Maybe I will become a journalist. Truth is, I have no idea where my life is headed. All I know is that I am Jane, and I give my whole heart to the things I love. I get sad when others are sad, and happy when others are happy. I enjoy honesty and all that it has to offer. Best policy for sure. Also, all I want is to be happy forever.

sidenote. Remember this song? I love it. It's been a while.

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  1. Hi Jane, my name is Missi :)
    I am feeling the exact same way as you!
    Cheers to Fresh new starts!


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